Dunkin’ Donuts Employees sue for Sexual Harassment

New York – The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the U.S. District Court designated for the Southern District of New York against Hillcrest Marshall, Inc., on behalf of employees who experienced sexual harassment and retaliation in the workplace.

Hillcrest Marshall, Inc. is the owner of several Dunkin’ Donuts establishments in Westchester County, NY, where the sexual harassment took place. The sexual harassment lawsuit said the store manager at one of the Hillcrest Marshall franchises exposed multiple female employees, including minors, to sexual harassment. According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, the store manager would discuss his private parts with the female staff. He also attempted to kiss and engage in sexual acts with one of the female employees in her early twenties.

The sexual harassment lawsuit says the female employee rejected his approach to having sex and unwanted physical contact. Immediately following the rejection, the store manager allegedly assaulted the victim. He also “cursed and yelled” regularly at her as his response to being rejected. Instead of allowing the fear of lost wages and termination keep her silent, the victim made a sexual harassment report with the local police. The store manager terminated the victim after she rejected him and filed a sexual harassment police report.

The federal agency, EEOC, enforces the law Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964 in the workplace. Title VII protects employees from discrimination by their employers on the basis of color, race, religion, sex, gender, and national origin. The EEOC said Hillcrest Marshall violated Title VII by “subjecting” employees to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment and workplace retaliation are direct violations of Title VII.

Hillcrest Marshall, Inc. pays $150k in Sexual Harassment Settlement

The EEOC initially attempted to resolve this serious matter outside of court with a pre-litigation settlement. Due to an unspecified disagreement, the EEOC filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. The sexual harassment suit was later settled under a three-year consent decree. The details of the consent decree included a $150k payout that will be distributed to the victims of sexual harassment, termination without the opportunity to be rehired for the former store manager and sexual harassment training under Title VII for the managerial staff in all Hillcrest Marshall locations.

Sexual harassment and anti-discrimination policies including complaint procedures will also be a new addition to the Hillcrest Marshall locations. Hillcrest Marshall believes the new changes will aid employees with work-related issues and encourage them to report them especially regarding workplace discrimination and sexual harassment. The owner of the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise named in the sexual harassment lawsuit has selected a senior manager to handle sexual harassment and discrimination complaints. As of the present day, current and future employees will have the proper internal resources to fight for justice in the event that sexual harassment in the workplace occurs again.

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