Our attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC, are no strangers to difficult cases.  Paul Liggieri, Esq., one of our very talented attorneys, is leading the charge against sexual harassment and racial discrimination against the Fire Department of New York.

Liggieri has brought a claim against the Department on behalf of his client. The claim alleges the FDNY engaged in racial discrimination against a male Hispanic firefighter who was taunted, hazed and subsequently terminated during his probationary period.

Liggieri, was contacted by his client after his client read the story of Micheal Troina. The twenty-four year old Troina, alleged the Ladder 1/Engine 7 veteran firefighters engaged in a system of harassment and discrimination, better known as hazing. Troina alleged his fellow firefighters blanketed his car with peanut butter, challenged him to fight, and hurled insults at him such as “bitch,” “loser” and “f—t.”

Since Troina has come forward, other former members of Ladder 1/Engine 7 have followed suit. For instance, an ex-marine contacted Liggieri, stating he was also hazed, bullied and harassed during his time at Ladder 1/Engine 7. Other firefighters have had nearly identical experiences. It is clear that Troina’s experience was not just an isolated incident but rather a pattern of severe treatment, seemingly designed to create a hostile work environment at the FDNY.

These allegations come on the heels of accusations made by probationary firemen Gordon Springs. Springs, an African American, alleged he was harassed and sexually abused as soon as he arrived at Ladder Co. 3/Engine 40. Springs told reporters that a group of naked firefighters hazed him, one of whom dangled his genitals onto Springs face.

Liggieri, Springs’ attorney, believes a domino effect has begun. Once Springs came forward, other firemen have had the courage to speak out against this abhorrent behavior, no longer remaining in the shadows. Upon Springs initial report, the City Department of Investigation failed to interview him. In an effort to correct their past laissez-faire attitude, the Department is now attempting to interrogate Springs about the incident. According to sources there is also a federal investigation into the Springs case.

Unfortunately, racial and sexual discrimination have become the norm in New York City. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was designed to eliminate this type of behavior. Title VII prohibits employers from discriminating against their employees based on their race. Further, Title VII also prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. The New York Fire Department is the crown jewel of the city’s public persona. The pattern of discrimination faced by its firefighters is not only disappointing, but illegal. Through hazing, the hurling of racial slurs and the general hostile treatment of its employees, the FDNY has participated in a system of harassment sure to rock our faith in the integrity of the institution.

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