Monster cop sues NYPD for racial discrimination
New York, NY – A New York Police Department detective is suing the department for racial discrimination. The 15 year veteran filed his claim on the heels of an investigation that left him without a job and two white officers still walking their beat. While the Officer had a sordid history with the force, he has never been found liable for any misconduct and yet is being treated substantially different than similarly situated white officers.
David Terrell has a rough history with the NYPD. Back in 2016 Terrell was called a “monster” and a “terrorist” when he was accused of brutally beating a man and falsely arresting the man’s brother. Terrell was cleared of the charges, however, Terrell later filed a $175 million lawsuit against the city claiming that they created a cottage industry of gang-bangers who collect taxpayer money after filing frivolous complaints against officers.
In that suit, Terrell accused Mayor De Blasio of being complacent in the unethical lawsuits by not backing NYPD officers after someone files a complaint. In that suit, Terrell claimed that the state violated civil rights laws because these “gang members” hire lawyers that engage in deceit or collusion with intent to deceive the court.
At 44 years old, Terrell has been on the force for nearly 15 years. In his career, he has clocked more than 1,000 arrests. Terrell has also been named in 15 lawsuits since 2006. Two of the cases were tossed, three were settled by the city and the rest are still pending. Terrell is currently on modified duty, despite the most recent cases being settled. Terrell’s attorney sent NYPD brass a letter on September 14, 2017 demanding reinstatement. Terrell’s employment discrimination attorney stated that there was no objective credible reason that Terrell should be still sitting on modified assignment.
The most current claim against Terrell stems from a 2015 incident that took place in 2015, shortly after Terrell was promoted to detective specialists following his takedown of the Lyman Place Crew, a gang in the Bronx’ notorious 42nd Precinct. Following the bust, the Hilltop Gang, another local crew, started filing corruption claims against Terrell and his fellow officers. Terrell was put on modified duty during the investigation while Det. Daniel Brad and Sgt. Adrian Uruci- both white- were able to keep their position.
Further, Terrell alleges that the NYPD used a more sophisticated form of systematic discrimination by using the “detective specialists” designation to deny African Americans, and other people of color, a fair opportunity to compete for enhanced career opportunities as detectives.
Terrell filed his claim with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) the federal commission created by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, designed to handle claims of sexual harassment and employment discrimination. Under Title VII, an employer is liable for discrimination if it treats similarly situated employees differently on the basis of their race. Further, Title VII prohibits employers from discriminating against individuals in the hiring and promotion process. Here, Terrell accuses the NYPD of discriminating against him for treating white employees differently than they treated him for the same incident and in designing positions specifically for people of color that will deny them the opportunity to get promoted to higher paying positions.
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