Latina Employees claim they are targeted for Workplace Sexual Harassment

Long Beach ­­­­– A couple of female employees at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in the Los Angeles County Superior Court against Marriott International and the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.
The women claim they have experienced co-worker sexual harassment and supervisor sexual harassment for an extended period of time. They also allege that Latina employees are a target for a variety of sexual harassment including “physical, verbal, and emotional,” which could be stressful and a disturbance during work shifts.
Luz Cuevas, also addressed as Maria Ruiz, was an on-call banquet server employed at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel since 2006, and Teresa Evangelista was a lobby attendant employed since 1988 according to the sexual harassment lawsuit. Both women claim the supervisor whose name remains confidential allegedly sexually harassed them starting in 2010 with “inappropriate touching.” There were also some recent allegations regarding some spanking during the summer of 2015.

The women share alleged Sexual Harassment Experiences

According to the sexual harassment lawsuit, one of Cuevas’ allegations claim the unnamed supervisor considered giving her more work shifts “in exchange for sex.” As a supervisor, there are boundaries in terms of a relationship with subordinates. Most professional environments forbid a personal relationship between employees and employers or a manager and an employee. When the founder of the Marriott Corporation, John Willard Marriott, created the philosophy, “take care of your employees and they’ll take care of the guests,” it was not a green light for a supervisor to potentially engage in sexual harassment.
Cuevas made a complaint to the Human Resources department. Human Resources informed her that they could not address the matter at hand without evidence to confirm her complaint of sexual harassment, which led to a decrease in working mornings as Cuevas’ personal preference.
Human resources could have opened an undercover investigation or monitored the actions of the accused supervisor more closely to provide a sense of comfort and support to their employees. Right or wrong, if someone says they are being sexually harassed in the workplace that is more than enough to do the minimum by expressing concern.
In addition to Cuevas’ personal experience, she also claims she watched Evangelista endure sexual harassment from the same supervisor.
Aside from battling sexual harassment, Evangelista released an allegation of sexual assault that took place in 2012. An engineer of the hotel is allegedly responsible for Evangelista’s assault. Based on Evangelista’s recollection of the incident, the hotel engineer “made an advance” at her after convincing her to go to a private storage room under the impression that she would be assisting with “retrieving furniture.”
As protocol in any work environment, Evangelista filed a sexual harassment complaint with Human Resources who apparently failed to find the issue serious enough to take further action or scrutinize the events leading up to the sexual harassment complaint.
It is the duty of the Human Resources department to make sure all employers and employees are upholding the core values of the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, and the entire hotel is in compliance with law.

The Plan of Action for Latina Women

The two women have three sexual harassment attorneys who will be assisting them with their case to seek “unspecified economic and punitive damages.”
Evangelista released some statements saying, “We’ve complained many times to Human Resources and management, yet nothing’s been done,” and “We’re tired of being treated like this and receiving no help. As women trying to make a living, this conduct takes an enormous physical and emotional toll on us.”
Employees of the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel have tried everything from boycotting to marching and protesting within the last year, and no one has taken any steps towards justifying the harsh working conditions or sexual harassment the women have faced.
Individuals like Cuevas and Evangelista are exhausted from the unfair battle with their employers. They need their jobs, so leaving the workplace is unfortunately an option they’re not willing to take. The legal route is the only option left.
Cuevas and Evangelista’s attorneys are determined to prove that the Long Beach Renaissance Hotel is violating the California Fair Employment and Housing Act as well as the rights of the female employees, mostly Latina women and those who speak Spanish. The hotel has received an immeasurable amount of sexual harassment complaints, and the work conditions have remained the same.
As a result of this sexual harassment lawsuit, Cuevas’ and Evangelista’s attorneys plan to hold the Long Beach Renaissance hotel responsible for the sexual harassment incidents and the awful work conditions they have ignored in the past. The attorneys are also striving to put an end to this situation, so women in general are not suffering from sexual harassment in the future during their employment with the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel.

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