In New York, crime is on the rise as multiple people continue to become victims of various subway slashing incidents.  While the vicious attacks progress in causing a growing fear to the people of the Big Apple, the city’s leader, Mayor Deblasio has been desperately seeking solutions toward safeguarding New Yorkers.

One group of citizens is no stranger in knowing the threats that are caused, within the many subways which conveniently scattered throughout the five boroughs.  This group is known as The Guardian Angels.

This group of dedicated volunteers first formed over 35 years ago, becoming popular as they patrolled Central Park and the subways of NYC to voluntarily fight crime.  Most people are familiar with the red berets they stylishly sport on their heads and the t-shirts they wear on their back identifying their membership into this dedicated crime-fighting clan.

Founder of The Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa has vowed to resume patrolling in an effort to help the city curtail the heightening occurrences of crime.  “Riders are coming up and asking us: “Please, you’ve got to come back in force,” said Sliwa, “I think it’s become obvious that the police need help, the MTA needs help. They can’t handle it.”

There’s been a mix of reactions for New Yorkers since hearing that the Angels are “taking back the streets.” Many take a deep sigh of relief knowing that The Guardian Angels will be walking around, scoping the streets of the city and serving as watchmen for struggling communities. On the other hand, there are some who take issue with 61-year-old Sliwa, refusing to dismiss much of the public foolishness he openly displayed in the past.  With that being said, they find it difficult to take the organization seriously.

There are a number of less than favorable things Sliwa has previously done apart from helping others through The Guardian Angels that have caused a number of people to question his credibility.

Most recently, however, Sliwa has been suspended from his regularly scheduled commentating gig on New York 1.  The reason?  He has taken pleasure in telling his listeners how badly he would like to have sex with New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito.   In addition, to him describing the speaker as “extraordinarily hot,” he set up a mock conversation with Mark-Viverito during a discussion on New York 1.  In the character of a Latino man, the non-Latino radio host, Sliwa told her “I’m your papi, right?”

The next day, on the radio show he co-hosts, Curtis and Kuby, he spoke for an extended period of time about the imaginary “sexual tension” which Sliwa conjured up in his mind to exist between himself and Mark-Viverito.  He also mentioned that he would like for her to “dress foxier.”

According to The New York Daily News, Sliwa has been suspended “indefinitely” from appearances on NY1.  The company has issued this statement: “In light of recent remarks made by Curtis Sliwa, we have removed him from the weekly Inside City Hall segment for the foreseeable future. While he has appeared on the network, he is not an employee of NY1.”

The reason they have chosen to point out that he is not an employee is because a group of protestors were planning to demonstrate outside of the station’s offices in an effort to fire him for his lewd and inappropriate comments.

Sliwa chose not to address the issues surrounding the controversial talk he sparked on the show.  Instead, he spoke about other current topics.  On the Facebook page of “Curtis and Kuby” a statement was issued by Sliwa in which a portion says, “all’s fair in love and politics” and saying that he used “sexually charged language” in an effort to urge men to seek treatment for impotence, a condition he goes through due to gunshot wounds and prostate cancer.

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  • Harassment does not always have to be of a sexual nature. It can include offensive remarks about a person’s gender/sex. For example, it is illegal to harass a female by making offensive comments about females in general.
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