A Female Employee reports Workplace Misconduct to the EEOC

Maine ­– In 2014, a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed by the EEOC against County Fair Farm located in Jefferson, ME, for seasonal female employees like Aurora Del Rosario Clemente Arpaiz, who claims she has repeatedly endured sexual harassment from her supervisor and male co-workers.

The sexual harassment lawsuit alleging that the individuals in charge of the farm approved of the sexual harassment that the female seasonal harvesters experienced. Workplace misconduct developed a hostile work environment for all the female employees. Arpaiz confirmed that she has experienced sexual harassment at work from 2007 through 2012 when she decided to depart from the unlawful work environment.
According to the sexual harassment complaint, the sexual harassment Arpaiz experienced from her supervisor at the end of 2012 included suggestions to have sex, slapping on her rear end, and inappropriate text messages including specific details of unwelcome sexual requests. Arpaiz claims that she rebuffed every sexual advance in addition to instructing her supervisor not to make unwanted physical contact with her. Like most individuals who have trouble accepting rejection, Arpaiz said that her supervisor would appear outside of her trailer and gaze at her.
Protection from workplace misconduct was limited on the farm and fear hinders people from fighting back, so Arpaiz decided lock herself inside her trailer to prevent her supervisor from sexually harassing her, according to the sexual harassment complaint.
Arpaiz claims that she complained to the managerial staff numerous times about the sexual harassment and other inappropriate activities that occurred at work, and they ignored her. Not only was she ignored, Arpaiz alleged that she noticed a significant incline in sexual harassment after she attempted to put a stop to the problem. Workplace retaliation followed shortly after the sexual harassment complaints were filed.
Arpaiz faced name-calling such as “cry baby.” She was informed to stop stirring up problems in the workplace, referring to the sexual harassment complaints. The sexual harassment lawsuit explained that Arpaiz was stranded at a shopping center approximately a half an hour away from the farm. As a result of Arpaiz sexual harassment complaints, the male employees believed that leaving her would “punish her” for her actions.

The Sexual Harassment Settlement

The EEOC attempted to settle this matter outside of court. After multiple disagreements between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the County Fair Farm, both parties managed to agree on a settlement filed in the U.S. District Court in Portland. The sexual harassment settlement states that County Fair Farm will be under federal scrutiny for the following four years.
During the time the EEOC filed the federal lawsuit, an investigation was conducted to obtain more evidence that assisted the sexual harassment lawsuit. The investigation disclosed that sexual harassment on the County Fair Farm dates back to 2003. The EEOC discovered that Arpaiz was not the only target or victim. An EEOC attorney explained that a profuse amount of migrant workers are subjected to “unlawful harassment and retaliation.” Unlike Arpaiz, most of the migrant employee refrain from addressing workplace misconduct because they’re afraid of losing their jobs and the income that supports their family.
Arpaiz brave action brought the sexual harassment and discrimination charge to the attention of the EEOC attorneys who worked diligently until they received justice for all the victims of sexual harassment and ended the sexual harassment on the County Fair Farm.
The settlement confirmed that sexual harassment and retaliation policies and procedures will be added to the County Fair Farm. English and Spanish anti-discrimination notices will be available for sexual harassment prevention training. The anti-discrimination notices will also help employees become aware of their rights at work. Country Fair Farm agreed to terminate all individuals that engaged in any workplace misconduct related the sexual harassment lawsuit. Lastly, a 120k fund has been created and designated to repay the victims of sexual harassment approved by the EEOC.

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