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Temp Workers Rights in New York City Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Staffing agencies are the go-to resource for New Yorkers looking for temporary work. As a general rule, a staffing agency “employs” the worker and sends them out on assignments. While you are out on an assignment, that employer dictates your day-to-day job functions. However, in some cases, the staffing firm issues your paycheck, and may… Read more »

Famous Designer Slapped With A Multi-million Dollar Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Fashion designer, Elie Tahari has been well-known in the NYC fashion community for quite some time now.  Celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Kate Bosworth and Sophia Bush, among many other men and women enjoy wearing his trendy garbs.  However, the talk lately has not been about his contemporary clothing line, it’s been more about the $12… Read more »

10 Surprising Facts about Race Discrimination in the Workplace

Mexican author, Don Miguel Ruiz said “Let’s stop believing that our differences make us superior or inferior to one another.” I, as a New York City employment discrimination attorney aim to live my own work and personal life by respectfully adhering to those words; however there are many workers and employers who choose not to. … Read more »

Jury Awards 18 Million In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

New York City Employment Law Blog | Sexual Harassment News Manhattan, N.Y. –  The Jury has spoken awarding Hanna Bouverng $18 million in her sexual harassment lawsuit against New York Global Group’s CEO Benjamin Wey. The verdict was $2 million in compensatory damages and $16 million for punitive damages. In Bouveng sexual harassment claim she… Read more »

Wrongfully Dismissing Unethical Work Behavior: 4 Common Sexual Harassment Myths Debunked

If I say the term “sexual harassment” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it an image of a man; possibly a supervisor who forces a woman to perform sexual favors for him in exchange for either keeping her job or being promoted to a higher position in the company? Perhaps you may… Read more »

4 Mistakes For the Victims of Sexual-Orientation Discrimination to Avoid

On Friday June 26, the White House lit up an array of colors reflecting red, yellow, blue, green and other vibrant hues.  The rainbow of colors was used to commemorate the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex marriage across the nation. Reactions of joy included those who broke into smiles; and others crying tears of… Read more »

Can I Bring My Sexual Harassment Case to the NYC Commission on Human Rights?

A New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyer Answers Your NY, NJ & PA Questions If you work in New York City, state, federal, and city laws uphold your employment rights. But what exactly does that mean when it comes to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. With so many options, where do you go for help?… Read more »

$168 Million Awarded in the Largest Sexual Harassment Case in History

After continually reading about the recent sexual harassment cases regarding two female NYPD officers who received large settlements against an NYPD lieutenant, many of our readers have wondered “What is the largest sexual harassment case verdict in history?” The answer:  $168 million dollars awarded to physician’s assistant Ani Chopourian back in 2012, who claimed doctors… Read more »

Second Female NYPD Cop Receives Large Settlement In Sexual Harassment Case

New York City Taxpayers may be surprised to find their wallets a whole lot lighter after having to pay a significant settlement to a second female NYPD cop who alleges she had been sexually harassed by NYPD lieutenant Jason Margolis. NYPD Officer Michele Alexander has been awarded $175,000 to settle her federal lawsuit which claims… Read more »

U.S. State Department Sexual Harassment Claims Tripled Under Clinton and Kerry

New York City Sexual Harassment Lawyers serving employees in NY – NJ – PA – D.C. According to a report from the Washington Times, sexual harassment complaints at the United States Department of State have more than doubled during the tenures of Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and current Secretary John Kerry. Political watchdogs… Read more »