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Study Finds Adolescent School Kids Confused About How to Report Sexual Harassment

A Florida study found that about only four in ten students at Hillsborough County’s middle and high schools know how to report sexual harassment. This finding is in spite of a 2011 federal agreement that was intended to make sure kids knew the proper ways to report sexually inappropriate behavior. At Blake High School in… Read more »

Dooney and Bourke Sued for Harassment

A recent sexual harassment lawsuit may leave an upscale purse manufacturer holding the bag. In May, suit was filed against Dooney and Bourke in White Plains Federal Court by former employee, Ramona Lester. According to the New York Post, Ms. Lester was hired as a full-time sales representative at the Westchester Mall location of Dooney… Read more »

Immigrant Women Particularly Susceptible to Sexual Harassment in NYC

New York City is a hub of culture mixing, new opportunities, and a chance to start over fresh. Thousands of immigrants come to New York City every year to relocate their families, start a new career path, or get away from violence and strife back home. Tragically, immigrant workers’ rights are often trampled on by… Read more »

Are Undocumented Workers Protected From New York Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Some shady employers may think they can get away with abusing and harassing their employees simply because they are undocumented workers. But — federal law, particularly Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, protects all workers from sexual harassment and discrimination, even if they are unauthorized to work in the United States. If you or… Read more »

Village Candle Owner Under Scrutiny For “Relentless Sexual Harassment”

In one of the most outrageous displays of improper management that the New York sexual harassment attorneys have seen, the owner of Village Candle in Portland is facing multiple EEOC charges of sexual harassment and labor law violations. Village Candle founder and president Paul Aldrich is being accused of a “pervasive pattern of severely offensive… Read more »

Illinois Sheriff Seeks Dismissal from Sexual Harassment Charges

Last November, Jaime Linton of Illinois filed suit in federal court against her former employer, the Sheriff’s Department of Madison County, IL alleging sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Attorneys for the Sherif Robert Hertz, the alleged harasser, and Madison County have filed a motion to dismiss claiming they are the wrong defendants in… Read more »

U.S. Department of Education Investigates Schools Over Handling of Gender-Based Misconduct

In May, the U.S. Department of Education released a list of schools under investigation for violation of federal regulations over handling of complaints of sexual harassment and assault. Four institutions in New York are on the list. Under Title IX of the Higher Education Act, discrimination on the basis of sex is prohibited in any… Read more »

Server at Housewife’s Restaurant Is Awarded Over 100k In Sexual Harassment Suit

No stranger to publicity, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump has found herself in hot water for alleged sexual harassment at the Villa Blanca restaurant she co-owns with her husband, Ken Todd. According to former server Karina Bustillos, the restaurant’s assistant manager injured her wrist after a simple request for change, attempted to kiss her and… Read more »

Additional Employment Discrimination Protections for Federal Workers

Federal government employees may file claims of discrimination on any of the bases covered under the laws the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces, and may also file under additional bases. Some key examples are as follows: The Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA), protects federal government applicants and employees from discrimination “based on… Read more »

When Do I Speak Up Against Workplace Sexual Harassment in New York City?

Many harassment victims aren’t sure whether their experience is serious enough to warrant serious action. In some cases, the solution is simply telling the harasser to stop. Severe situations may require filing a lawsuit or charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The attorneys at Derek Smith Law Group help clients in and around New… Read more »