Cecil the Lion Killer’s Sexual Harassment Case

Before Cecil the Lion, Walter Palmer Preyed on Dental Assistant and Loses Sexual Harassment Case

Millions of people would give anything to find out what it takes to get fifteen minutes of fame.  Just about everyone is trying to leave a name for themselves so they could gain recognition and a reputation that may long linger in the archives of Google even after their fifteen minutes of stardom has ended.

However, I can think of one person right now who would really like to trade in the overnight boost to stardom he received to go back to his ordinary life and get out of the spotlight.  His name is Dr. Walter Palmer.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five months, you are somewhat familiar with Dr. Palmer and his acts of illegally hunting down and killing a lion named Cecil from Zimbabwe.

The Minnesota dentist has literally created an international outcry of criticism by supporters from all over who cannot understand why anyone would want to bring harm, let alone kill this prized animal just for games.
As Dr. Palmer continues to hide underground from the supporters of Cecil which total somewhere in the thousands, his dental practice has temporarily shut down; and more shame comes to light about the famous small town dentist who enjoys hunting as a pastime.

Prior to the illegal hunting and execution of Cecil the Lion, it seems that Dr. Palmer had also participated in other illegal and unethical acts, right there in his office.

Tammy Brevik, a previously employed dental assistant from Dr. Palmer’s practice claimed that he sexually harassed her for 6 years as she worked for him. He imposed unwanted “verbal comments and physical conduct which involved her buttocks, breasts and genitalia” according to the paperwork for the settlement agreement.  Ms. Brevik worked for Dr. Palmer from 1999 until the year 2005 when she was fired shortly after her attorney contacted the dentist for his misconduct.  She believes that the termination was in direct retaliation for her reporting the harassment.  Even though Dr. Palmer didn’t admit to doing anything wrong, he agreed to pay a settlement of $127,500 to the plaintiff in two installments.   He was also required to complete ethics training and write a letter of recommendation for her as well.

In a private interview with The Daily Mail Online, she revealed: “It’s amazing how big this has become – karma is a B***h!”

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