Workplace Misconduct: Dedicated Female Employees Speak Up

Virginia ­­– A total of four women employed at Virginia State University, a historically black college, recently filed a lawsuit against the university for retaliation and wage discrimination

Dr. Sandra Evans is an alumna of VSU who is currently employed as the Director of the First Year Experience at the university. Evans’ love for the University encouraged and convinced her to work there. According to Evans, she is also a “loyal donor of Virginia State University.”
Contrary to the popular belief of what a doctor’s salary appears to be, Evans released a wage discrimination allegation regarding her salary. According to Evans, she claims that her salary is significantly less than her male colleagues who hold a similar work status and position.

When news reporters asked Evans for confirmation about the allegation referring to the $50,000 pay difference between men and women that favors men, Evans responded, “Yes, without a terminal degree.”
Bridget Wilson is another female employee, the Associate Director of the Student Health Center, at VSU who claims that the past Vice President also sexually harassed her. Wilson genuinely believes she was skipped for a promotion due to denying to the alleged sexual advances. Wilson said, “One time he called me up to his office and he proceeded to close the blinds and I was wondering what he was doing then he grabbed me and kissed me on the lips.”

As a respectable employee who abides by protocol for work related issues, Wilson reported the sexual harassment allegations on different occasions in April 2012 and October 2013. However, Wilson said the leaders of the university did not take further action against the Vice President. An example of their lack of leadership occurred when Wilson said “I told my supervisor at the time that it was unwanted sexual advances, and the supervisor’s verbatim response was “boo, he’s just a whore.”

Based on the allegations of the sexual harassment portion of lawsuit, Evans accused a past Vice President of sexual harassment. Evans claims when she decline, the VP transitioned her from one work position into another. If the alleged sexual harassment was absent from this scenario, there is a strong possibility that Evans would still work in her previous position.

Zoe Spencer is an Associate Sociology Professor at VSU. Spencer alleged that a personal experience with wage discrimination took place. Spencer was asked to be the leader for a Gender Equity Task Force. According to Spencer, the leaders of the school disregarded her research and results. The information she collected included “comparable positions and salaries” between genders. Women continue to fall short in comparison to men. Spencer says “This is very uncomfortable for us.” Women are still having the same gender equity issue they faced long ago.

Deborah Goodwyn is an Associate Professor at VSU who allege retaliation for addressing the gender gap in the workplace. Goodwyn said, “Within a couple of months of filing the EEOC charge and the EPA complaint, my contract changed from a 12 month position to a 9 month position.”

VSU Female Employees continue to fight for Justice

The dedicated women share a personal bond with the university. They all agreed to remain at the university where the sexual harassment, retaliation, and wage discrimination took place. As time goes on, the women look forward to having a new president at the university. New leadership opens new possibilities to resolve workplace misconduct. The women believe the best way to balance the unjust workplace is to “lead by example,” and “stand up” for what’s right. The should be equally throughout the workplace.

A spokesperson responds by acknowledging that Virginia State University is “committed to providing a fair working environment.” This statement applies to all of the employees. Although this task is easier said than done, it is great to see the University acknowledging a major concern in the workplace. As far as the wage discrimination, retaliation, and sexual harassment lawsuit is concern, VSU is refraining from releasing any comments.

The female employees at VSU are not only alleging sexual harassment, retaliation, and wage discrimination, they’re also providing the proper time stamped information to confirm their allegations. This is a great way for an individual who plans to file a sexual harassment lawsuit, or any lawsuit related to workplace misconduct. The outcome of a lawsuit weighs heavily on what one can prove.
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