Trump encourages Women to Quit or Switch their Job

Eradicating sexual harassment has been a major challenge in America. Studies have shown that a third of women are sexually harassed in the workplace. Although this statistic is publicly known, reports of a significant change in workplace misconduct has not surfaced.

Roger Ailes, Fox News Former CEO, has been flooding the media facing endless sexual harassment allegations from various women he has sexually come in contact with over the last few decades. One particular woman, former Fox News Host, Gretchen Carlson came forth with her sexual allegations, and her courage to speak up started the wave of confessions by many other victims.

Donald Trump, presidential candidate 2016, has recently defended Ailes unethical behavior. When an individual inquired in an interview about the way he felt his daughter should deal with a boss resembling Ailes, his response stated, “I would like to think she would find another career or find another company if that was the case.”

As a father, Trump’s initial instinct should have been to protect his daughter. However, Trump directly encouraged his daughter to escape the unprofessional work environment that suits her professionally, and transition to a new work environment as if nothing ever happen. Running from sexual harassment doesn’t make it go away, it leaves another unaware individual at risk to be exposed to sexual joking and unwanted physical contact amongst other things.

The Trump family shortly followed up with an attempt to salvage another one of Trump’s reckless statements. Trump’s son, Eric Trump, informed CBS News that his sister would “report” workplace sexual harassment if she were ever in that predicament. Then he stated, “But at the same time, I don’t think she would allow herself to be subjected to that.”

Trump son seems confident in his sister’s capability to handle and report sexual harassment at work considering he views her as a “strong and powerful” woman. Eric’s statement insinuated that women lacking strength and power allow sexual harassment to occur and get out of control. Gretchen Carlson responded to Eric’s statement in a tweet saying, “Sad in 2016 we’re still victim blaming women. Trust me I’m strong.” Unfortunately, there is no way to confirm what an individual would do or how they would react to workplace sexual harassment until they’re actually in a victim’s position.

Reports displayed that Trump continues to uphold a 70% disapproval rate by women. It’s no secret that he doesn’t respect women. As a potential leader of the United States of America, how could current and former victims of sexual harassment expect a solution to the workplace nightmare, when Trump has publicly condoned the illegal activity?
Trump believes women connected to sexual harassment should seek an alternative work environment, internally or externally, as long as it suitable to their preference since some women have trouble staying in a hostile work environment that caused them several hardships to bear.

Trump’s share of Wrongdoing

Trump has had numerous women in his past. An article released by the New York Times indicated that Trump has engaged in several incidents with women filled with “unwanted romantic advance” in addition to “unsettling workplace conduct. In 1994, Trump stated in an interview, “I think putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. If I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.” Trump’s word choice and careless actions are no longer puzzling, they’re expected.

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