New York City Sexual Harassment Attorney – A former employee of Balter Sales Co., a restaurant supply company in New York City has achieved a 2.2 million dollar victory with the help of his lawyer, Derek Smith against the company who discriminated against him.

Raymond Rosas who had previously been employed as a truck driver at Balter Sales Co. was subjected to severe racial discrimination and sexual harassment after he began work there in 2010.
As reported by Rosas, every week when he received his paycheck there was almost always a picture of a penis drawn on it by his supervisor, Barry Rosenberg.  As if that wasn’t enough, Rosenberg would constantly try and grab Rosas’ buttocks and “would repeatedly stick his tongue out to try and lick Rosas’ face.
According to the suit, about a year after working at Balter Sales Co., Rosas confronted his supervisor and asked him to stop the harassment.
The suit also indicates that supervisor, Mark Balter who belittled minority drivers was asked to stop by Rosas,  who is Hispanic.  Balter replied, “What is it with you guys . . . you must have a Latin attitude.  I can’t believe the way things are going in the recession that you can tell me that you think I am talking (offensively).”
Rosas’ employment was terminated by Balter in January of 2012 who said he was stealing boxes of restaurant equipment. However, Rosas maintained that the reason why he was fired was due to his sex, ethnicity and retaliation for his complaints.
According to Rosas, after he had retained the employment law firm, Derek Smith Law Group, superiors at the company filed a police report accusing him of stealing and he was given a desk appearance ticket which later had been dropped.
By January 2013, a countersuit was filed against Rosas for $700.00 with regards to the alleged stolen property that Balter claimed Rosas had previously taken. However, Balter lost his countersuit after the jury ruled in favor of Rosas.
“The jury was absolutely right,” said Rosas’ attorney Derek Smith.  “The jury was angered at the way Mark Balter treated his employee.”

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