As reported by CNN, the Hong Kong-based Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) conducted a survey that reported 27% of flight attendants have experienced sexual harassment onboard aircraft within the past twelve months. Our NYC sexual harassment lawyers learned the majority of the harassment came from actual customers on flights.
The harassment manifested in various physical, verbal, and pictorial manners, such as:

  • Unwanted patting, touching, kissing, or pinching
  • Lewd jokes
  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Showing pornographic materials

According to the study, about 59% of the harassment came from customers and about 41% from fellow workers, including senior cabin crew and cockpit members

In an article by Heather Poole, author, and former flight attendant, she quoted a flight attendant who has experienced harassment said. “These young girls are just too afraid to say anything for fear of losing their job. Nothing has changed.”

“Most new hires want to please,” a flight attendant wrote to Poole.
According to the article by Poole, oftentimes, even when harassment is reported, attendants’ supervisors ignore the complaints.

Have you been sexually harassed by a customer or client in NYC?

Many employees don’t know that it is illegal for a customer, client, or other non-employee to harass them while they are on the job. If you were sexually harassed by a customer, you might actually be able to sue your employer.
To pursue a claim for sexual harassment by a non-employee:

  • The employer knew or should have reasonably known of the sexual harassment.
  • The employee provided sufficient notice of his or her discomfort due to the situation.
  • The employer failed to take appropriate corrective action, such as transferring the employee to a different location.

So, say you work in retail. A male shopper comes in and sexually harasses you. You report the conduct to your boss, but he or she dismisses the accusations. The customer continues to come in the store and repeatedly harasses you. Your supervisor continues to ignore the situation. A case such as this may be grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Only an NYC sexual harassment lawyer can evaluate your specific situation. Our team of compassionate New York attorneys listen carefully to the details of your claim and give you advice regarding your legal options.

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