The CEO of American Apparel has been fired amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Dov Charney turned American Apparel from a struggling fashion start-up into a fashion powerhouse before being removed from his position this month. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, John Luttrell, will be serving as an interim CEO until a permanent replacement is found. Our sexual harassment lawyers in NYC are rattled and shocked by the news.

Charney is no stranger to sexual misconduct allegations at American Apparel. Back in 2011, Charney faced allegations of sexual assault against an interviewee who was asked to come to Charney’s home for the interview. Also in 2011, a second woman accused Charney of retaliating against her previous complaints of sexual harassment. That same year, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission investigated charges of undocumented factory workers. This was settled out of court.

Those close to the company’s top leaders fully expect Charney and his legal team to fight the charges and termination. Johannes Minho Roth, whose company has a 13% stake in American Apparel, has said that “Dov is going to fight very hard. I don’t think he will give up his dream.”

New York sexual harassment attorneys believe that it is likely that the repeated nature of these allegations will play a large part in the termination of Dov Charney being held up despite counter attacks. Past allegations include sexually harassing comments, sexual assault, and failure to prevent leakage of sexual explicit nude photos of a female employee. If more women hire a sexual harassment lawyer in NYC to bring further charges against Charney, the likelihood of his regaining his position is almost zero.

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