Two Employees reveal Sexual Harassment by a Former Top Executive at Easton Hospital

New Jersey – Brian Finestein, former CEO of Easton Hospital, was accused of sexually harassing two female employees during his employment. The allegations triggered two lawsuits on the basis of sexual harassment and discrimination.

According to New Jersey news, Elizabeth Senczakowicz, director of surgical services, filed a lawsuit in July 2014 against Finestein for alleged “sexually suggestive comments.” Senczakowicz claims these inappropriate comments occurred “almost continuously and daily,” commencing in June 2012 until her resignation in 2013.
Based on a sexual harassment complaint, it appears that Finestein improperly referenced Senczakowicz work badge in front of an audience by equating her badge image with the appearance of a woman from Mardi Gras who would often raise her shirt to reveal her chest area. The sexual harassment complaint also stated that Finestein noted that he would search for images of Senczakowicz to determine if that’s how she received her badge.
In addition to the sexual harassment lawsuit against Brian Finestein, Senczakowicz filed a lawsuit against “Community Health Systems, the parent company of Easton Hospital, the chief nursing supervisor, and the human resources director.” According to Senczakowicz, these individuals ignored her complaints of sexual harassment after she consistently informed them about her unwanted predicament. They also failed to investigate the sexual harassment allegations, and take action against Finestein for his misbehavior.
The other sexual harassment lawsuit that Finestein, the hospital’s parent company, and hospital administration faced was filed by Lisa Herzog, a nurse under Senczakowicz’s leadership. The sexual harassment complaint highlights the time when Herzog had to undergo a surgical procedure. She claims Finestein said he “would take photos of her naked body” during the time frame ”she was under anesthesia.”
Another sexual harassment complaint explains that Herzog hid from Finestein every time he was in her vicinity with the help of her co-workers, who would inform her if he were near. Herzog’s reactions to Finestein’s presence demonstrated a strong sense of discomfort in the work place, and no one helped her resolved her concerns.

Each Sexual Harassment Lawsuits resulted in a Settlement Outside of Court

After an ongoing battle between the women versus Finestein and the hospital’s representation, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania court documents discloses that the two lawsuits were “dismissed with prejudice,” and concluded in settlements without legal action or penalties against the individuals accused in the lawsuit in 2015.
The sexual harassment attorney representing Senczakowicz and Herzog was unable to comment on the case after the issues had been resolved. However, one can only imagine if he believes that his clients received the justice they rightfully deserved. Settling this matter outside of court eliminates the truth from being revealed, and puts another individual at risk for sexual harassment. Once an individual gets the impression that he or she can prevent a sexual harassment case from going to trial by offering a settlement, there is no way to determine what might happen next.
Finestein has a history of being a CEO, which means a lot of individuals trust and follow his leadership. No one wants to believe their executive leader sexually harasses women. As long as the alleged evidence of sexual harassment remains absent, that particular executive have the ability to maintain a façade. Finestein left Easton Hospital without reason to transition into a new place of employment as CEO of Saint Clare’s Hospital in both Boonton and Denville.

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