Several Oakland Police Officers terminated after Sexual Misconduct

California – In the city of Oakland, multiple police officers have been accused of engaging in sexual misconduct. In addition to the accused Oakland police officers, four law enforcement agencies in East Bay also faced sexual assault allegations. After an investigation took place for an entire year, the results revealed that the officers were responsible for “attempted sexual assault and lewd conduct,” in addition to prostitution assistance. The actions of the accused officers do not support the culture of the workplace, and each individual is currently facing punishment according to their workplace misconduct.

Celeste Guap, a 19-year-old female prostitute, claims she had sexual relations with more than a dozen officers during a TV interview. The sexual relations allegedly commenced while Guap was a minor in a major trafficking area, International Boulevard. Guap alleged that she agreed to sexual relations with the officers in exchange for valuable information regarding scheduled prostitution raids.

The TV interview sparked the sexual assault investigation. The investigation consisted of various interviews, a minimum of 50 additional interviews involving witnesses, nearly 80,000 social media post, and 28,000 text messages. The woman participated in 11 interviews throughout the thorough investigation. The Deputy Oakland Police Chief wanted to make sure he scrutinized every detail of the sex scandal.

Presently, the Oakland Police Department has terminated four police officers. Another seven police officers have been placed on suspension until further notice. One police officer will be sent to professional “counseling and training.” The Oakland Police Department has taken the sexual abuse allegations very seriously and decided to address the problem until the sexual misconduct in the workplace has been eradicated.

The Mayor of Oakland, Libby Schaaf, and City Administrator recently informed the city about the firings that took place as well as the actions they plan to take in order to restore the trust between the residents of the city and the police officers in a conference. Mayor Schaff believes it is very unprofessional for police officers to engage in unethical behavior. It’s a disgrace to both the city and the Oakland Police Department.

Mayor Schaaf released a statement of remorse that said, “I am deeply sorry for the harm that this scandal has caused, particularly to a community trust.” Although the majority of officers have been terminated or suspended as their form of punishment, a civil rights attorney believes the officers deserve to be punished beyond losing their job. Termination may not resolve the profound issue between police and prostitutes. Workplace termination could have a reverse effect and exacerbate the situation.

Once an individual experiences termination, the aftermath of loss wages and reputation may indirectly encourage former officers to continue to engage in the bad habits that placed them in their predicaments considering they might not have much else to lose in terms of employment in law enforcement.

Since the outbreak of the sex scandal, the woman involved has been sent to a rehabilitation center located in Florida. According to the East Bay Express, the Richmond Police Department will cover all charges for her treatment. Shortly, after the woman arrived at the rehabilitation center, she “attacked” one of the security guards. Currently, the woman is facing legal charges.

Many individuals have questioned why the leaders in law enforcement sent the primary witness away during the police investigation. Mayor Schaaf added, “We are not happy about this.” Individuals involved in police investigations are usually required not to leave town until further notice. Mayor Schaaf said the woman was supposed to receive local assistance.

As the city officials bring the investigation to a close, the Oakland Police Department will continue to be watched by the City Administrator. Several Police Chiefs have stepped down, in addition to the individuals who have faced termination. The City of Oakland is ready for its trajectory to restoration.

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