Female Deputies face Workplace Sexual Harassment

Colorado – Female deputies employed at the Denver jail have consistently filed sexual harassment complaints with their supervisors. The deputies reported that their supervisors failed to take action against the inmates for their actions. As a result of being unable to ascertain a solution for the ongoing workplace sexual harassment, a sexual harassment lawsuit was filed on behalf of the female deputies battling sexual harassment during work shifts.

The deputies who experienced severe sexual harassment consistently were working in holding areas filled with male inmates. The female employees allege the sexual harassment was “hard-core,” and sometimes “physical sexual abuse.” According to the deputies, the inmates’ misbehavior would often go without penalty, considering a token penalty is often desired to break up their time residing in a cell.

The continuous sexual harassment in the male holding area transitioned the workplace into a hostile work environment. The sexual harassment lawsuit stated, “Plaintiffs regularly supervise inmates as a part of their job duties, and regularly are subjected to severe and unwelcome sexual harassment by males inmates during the course of their duties.”

The sexual harassment included female deputies being groped by inmates. The inmates also allegedly revealed their private’s parts to the deputies and ejaculated via masturbation. The deputies claim they experienced being addressed by inappropriate titles, and “verbal assault” involving regular threats regarding criminal sexual conduct such as rape, based on the sexual harassment lawsuit.

The sexual harassment allegedly intensified during the shifts the female deputies were on duty alone in specific pods. The sexual harassment lawsuit highlights that the Denver jail officials “failed to take reasonable steps to prevent and stop it,” referring to the sexual harassment. Male inmates know the jail official isn’t invested in rectifying the sexual harassment or punishing them for the actions, so there’s nothing preventing them from engaging in sexual harassment.

It has to come to the attention of the female deputies that the jail supervisors have requested them to “downplay allegations,” and refrain from filing sexual harassment complaints. According to an unnamed sergeant, the female deputies are expected to hand out work assignment as the primary form of punishment for sexual harassment. As previously stated, the sexual harassment lawsuit confirms, “This is completely ineffective, because many inmates prefer to receive work assignments in order to relieve boredom.”

A different sergeant who remains nameless in this case allegedly informed a female deputy that she “should be used to it” by now. Enduring sexual harassment is not a part of the deputies’ job description or something they’re required to become accustomed to, it is strictly an illegal activity. According to the sexual harassment complaints, the other supervisors managed to find humor in the jail’s sexual harassment and abuse. Actions as such discourage female deputies from spending any additional time reporting a work-related issue that the supervisors will not address.

Female Deputies face Workplace Discrimination

The Denver jail has also been accused of gender discrimination. The suit states, “The Department has long discriminated based on sex, in favor of men and against women, in awarding special assignments.” The lawsuit disclosed that female employees face discrimination through receiving perilous assignment such as “open jail pods” supervision that can be life-threatening, and the male employees are doing something mild such as “training staff,” which is considered a special assignment. Overall it appears that the Denver jail officials cater to male employees by allowing them to complete their work tasks and only their work tasks, while female employees must complete both male and female tasks.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers Available

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