Award winning former investigative reporter, Sarah Wallace is getting geared up to go to work but won’t be in the newsroom; it will be in the courtroom. She’s hired an attorney to represent her in a gender discrimination case against her former employer, WABC. Channel 7’s “Eyewitness News”, Sarah Wallace has covered major New York City stories including the Howard Beach racial attack and the Joel Steinberg child-manslaughter case; she was also one of the first journalists to report on preparations of the Gulf war. She was terminated from her position at the company back in February for “telling the truth” she says. One insider disclosed that the director at WABC, Camille Edwards targeted Wallace because of her age; and that the two constantly butted heads until Wallace was forced out earlier this year.

The 59 year-old married mother of two has spent 30 years in the newsroom, has a Peabody award, two Edward R. Murrow awards, and 13 Emmys.  She says that her bosses knew they were breaking the law by paying her less money than her male counterparts. Because of this, she has chosen to take action by filing a discrimination suit for $200,000 plus another $400,000 in punitive damages to teach WABC a lesson.  Court papers indicate Wallace as saying “male employees [who] performed equal or less work” were paid more.

Wallace left WABC in February but since joined rival NBC 4 New York’s investigative team in August.

A WABC representative responded on their behalf by saying “Our company takes very seriously any concerns of this nature, and Sarah’s claim is totally without merit, before being terminated in February, Sarah never raised concerns about discrimination. These complaints were raised for the first time by her attorneys in late August. They are completely baseless.”

Gender discrimination involves treating someone poorly because of his or her sex. When a company fails to promote, refuses to hire, unfairly discharges or requires employees to retire for reasons of discrimination, the company is in direct violation of discrimination state and federal laws. Any company that takes part in gender discrimination is breaking those laws and should be held accountable for those actions.  Gender discrimination also involves treating someone poorly because of his or her connection to a group or organization that is generally associated with people of a certain sex. If you have been treated poorly because of your sex or have experienced discrimination based on your gender, ethnicity, color, race, creed, or disability then you may be entitled to compensation.

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