In Sioux City, Iowa, Donald Trump is being accused by a former employee of his campaign, of sex discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behavior, however, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate continues to deny all allegations, calling the accusers claims “totally made up.”

Former campaign employee, Elizabeth Davidson claims that male employees were paid more than her and she was terminated for communicating with the media when male counterparts had never dealt with such ramifications for the same actions prior to her termination.

Elizabeth Davidson, 26 also said that when she met Trump, he looked at her and another female volunteer and said: “You guys could do a lot of damage.”
2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says that Ms. Davidson’s accusations are completely bogus.

He also said that Ms. Davidson was a disgruntled employee and that his Iowa state chairman fired her because she wasn’t doing a good job.  Trump further rejected Davidson’s claims of gender discrimination along with any remarks made about how she or the other woman looked.

According to Trump, the accusations were purposely set up to happen just prior to Monday’s Iowa’s convention in the last minute effort to influence the voters.  He also faulted the New York Times for publicizing the story and called it a “disgrace.”

“It’s a disgrace; you know it’s a holdup. They do it the day of the caucus” said Trump “I have no idea who she is.  She also said I used a phrase — you and I have both heard a lot worse phrases than that, but that one is not in my vocabulary.  She made that up. I’ve heard a lot worse phrases than that, you understand, but it’s not something that I would use.”
Trump added that he is certain his Iowa team would not discriminate against any employee because of his or her gender.

Have you been the victim of gender discrimination?

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