A female MBA student at Quaid-e-Azam University is has filed a written complaint against an assistant professor for alleged sexual harassment during a meeting to discuss her quarterly grading. Our New York City sexual harassment lawyers have been following the case closely.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university reports that the young woman submitted a written complaint against Dr. Ajmal Waheed. She claims that during a scheduled meeting to discuss grading, the professor was sexually inappropriate. She goes on to claim that she “started crying about his indecent behavior, as the professor had crossed all limits of decency.” The student reports that she went directly to the Vice-Chancellor and demanded action taken against Dr. Waheed.

The Vice-Chancellor insists the matter is being investigated. Dr. Waheed, who works as the Head of Department of the School of Management, maintains that he will resign if found guilty of the accusations. He claims that the student was caught, by another teacher, in the act of cheating on an exam. As per standard procedure, the visiting teacher forwarded the testing materials to Dr. Waheed. The protocol would indicate that the cheating materials be forwarded to the school controller.