A “protected class” is a category set by federal, state, and local laws that provide protections for employees against discrimination. These categories cover many characteristics including race, religion, sex/gender, national origin, disability, age, and many more.

What Are Protected Classes Under New York State and City Law?

  • Age (18 and older);
  • Genetic characteristics;
  • Marital status;
  • Familial status (caring for a child under 18, or seeking to adopt a child under 18);
  • Sexual orientation (includes perceived sexual orientation);
  • Gender identity and gender expression;
  • Military status or service;
  • Political activities;
  • Prior arrests or criminal accusation;
  • Prior convictions (unless certain requirements have been met); and
  • Domestic violence victim status.

What Are Protected Classes Under New Jersey State Law?

  • Age (18 to 70);
  • Genetic Information;
  • Atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait;
  • Military Service;
  • Accompanied by service or guide dog;
  • Gender identity and expression; and
  • Unemployment Status.

What Are Protected Classes Under Florida State Law?

  • Race;
  • Color;
  • National Origin;
  • Religion;
  • Sex;
  • Disability or Handicap;
  • Age;
  • Marital Status;
  • AIDS/HIV; and
  • Sickle Cell Trait.

What Are Protected Classes Under Pennsylvania State Law?

  • Race;
  • Color;
  • National Origin;
  • Religion;
  • Sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions);
  • Disability: physical or mental;
  • Age (40 to 70);
  • GED rather than a high school diploma;
  • Use of a service animal; and
  • Relationship or association with a disabled person.

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