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At the Derek Smith Law Group, we outline the information you should bring to your NYC lawyers to start your sexual harassment lawsuit. Once you and your attorney meet, you can consider the options and strategies for approaching your lawsuit.

The more information you provide to our attorneys at the time of your first visit, the more knowledgeable he or she will be about the circumstances surrounding your case. It is essential for your lawyer to know the details of your sexual harassment case and background information in order to supply you with the best legal counsel and advice.

For your consultation in your New York sexual harassment case, bring with you all documentation that might useful for your lawyer to begin case preparation:

  • Pay stubs from the duration of employment
  • Copies of paychecks
  • W-2 forms
  • Written or electronic timesheets
  • Benefit statements with account balances
  • Any documentation of your company’s employment policies including manuals or handbooks
  • Your employment contact and any additional agreements you may have signed (i.e. nondisclosure, noncompete)
  • Relevant correspondence including written complaints or requests, email messages
  • Copies of any internal reports or disciplinary actions taken by your employer
  • Copies of your performance reviews

Any personal notes or incident log you maintained regarding the matter such as a list of co-workers’ actions of harassment
Providing as much relevant information and documentation as possible will assist the sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group to determine the validity of your claim in a courtroom. The employment lawyer can also inform you about additional information that might be required to provide the best defense of your position as well as what proper compensation you might be able to receive for your lawsuit.
Additionally, you should come prepared with questions about employment discrimination you would like to ask your attorney. It can often be helpful to write down all of your concerns in advance and bring them to your first consultation.

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