Sexual Harassment Lawyers – Imagine having to go to work every day, expecting to do your job; but instead, you’re called names such as slut and whore; forced to sit on a co-worker’s lap and even have lies spread about you saying that you have sexually transmitted diseases.

That’s exactly what a number of female employees have had to endure daily as they went to work for ToyQuest, a California based company that makes products such as the Banzai water slide and other blow-up toys.
Danielle Rennenger is one of the employees that filed suit against the company.  She started working for them back in April of 2007 through 2008 at the Indianola call center. The harassment came from a co-worker, and a supervisor, both males.  Rennenger said she had to endure daily harassment and sometimes as often as hourly. She says that one time her supervisor grabbed her head and forced it into his crotch.

Rennenger also says that several other female employees endured similar abuse.  All of them, including her were fired after they complained. At this time three lawsuits involving the other women are pending against the company.

Rennenger’s Sexual harassment lawyer said that the lawsuit was a difficult one to fight since ToyQuest was owned by several companies, making it arduous to determine who was to take responsibility for the harassment.
ToyQuest is a part of Manley Toys Direct which is a subsidiary of a corporation based in Hong Kong.

Rennenger, 41 was awarded 11.9 million dollars in a decision reached in Federal court; this includes punitive damages as well; but Zwagerman is not sure as to whether her client will ever be able to collect the money because she says they are still trying to determine who should be held accountable.
Rennenger said “People know now, and that’s the thing that I wanted. I hope that of all this, this company now gives an escalation process to the rest of their employees and that they change their handbooks.”

In the case of Danielle Rennenger, the signs of sexual harassment were quite obvious, perhaps making it a bit less complicated for her to seek the legal help that she needed in order to file suit against her former employer.  Many times though, sexual harassment is not as simple to detect.
Signs of sexual harassment may include requests for sexual favors, or other physical harassment of a sexual nature.  Harassment does not have to be sexual; it can be offensive words or jokes about a person’s gender.  In Renninger’s situation, her harassers were men but this is not always the case.  Both the harasser and the victim can be male or female and the harasser and the victim can be the same sex.

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