Female Police allege Retaliation

South Carolina – In 2014, a gay female police chief, Crystal Moore, faced termination due to her sexual orientation and preference. Jarrett Taylor, Latta Town Administrator, was the individual who saved Moore’s job after she was terminated on the basis of her sex.

Taylor disclosed a recording of the Mayor stating that he would prefer an inebriated individual to look after his grandchildren as opposed to a gay person. The mayor’s offensive remark and a rally requesting for Moore to be reinstated helped her get her job back. Everyone rejoiced when Moore received her job back. Surprisingly, the same individual who helped Moore is the same person who’s firing her the second time.

According to Moore, unlike the first termination, she alleged that the second termination was an act of retaliation. Moore said a woman informed her that a male who shares the same workplace as Moore sexually harassed her in early August. Moore followed protocol according to the town policy and immediately tried to relay the essential information to Taylor.

Moore claims Taylor was unavailable at the present time and his mailbox was full, so she passed the message to a sheriff’s deputy who happens to be Taylor’s relative by marriage. The purpose of Moore’s request was to help the victim as soon as possible, not to disobey any rules in the workplace, according to the employment law attorney representing Moore.

After the woman reported the alleged sexual harassment incident, Moore said Taylor demanded her to authorize a statement indicating the Latta employee had no intention of harming the woman. Although Moore had no proof that the Latta employee was faultless in this scenario, Taylor still wanted Moore to corroborate the story. At this moment, Moore could’ve experienced mixed emotions considering Taylor had helped her in the past. This is an example of being split between doing what’s right and being there for someone who was there for you. Under circumstances as such, it is best to always comply with the law.

Moore declined Taylor’s request due to prior knowledge regarding Taylor’s behavior when the victim directly approached him with her sexual harassment complaint. Taylor allegedly refrained from conducting a proper investigation for the sexual harassment complaint and expressing concern. Individuals in Taylor’s position are responsible for taking action when sexual harassment allegations are raised. If they’re unable to provide a solution, it is their duty to find someone who can.

Since Moore decided not to abide by Taylor’s demand, she faced multiple reprimands as a form of workplace retaliation, according to an employment law attorney representing Moore. According to documented information released by the town, the reprimands Moore faced included “failing to report a sexual claim,” and scrutinizing an employee’s disciplinary files without consent. Other reprimands alleged that Moore publicly “revealed an officer’s salary,” and refrained from submitting her weekly report regarding the condition of her company vehicle.

Taylor denies Revenge

When questions were raised regarding Taylor’s purpose behind terminating Moore, he claimed her work performance no longer met the expectations of the department along with “bad morale and poor decisions.” It appears that Taylor committed an act of revenge considering he failed to address errors in Moore work performance prior to her decline to his unprofessional request. Taylor denies getting revenge.

Taylor alleged things have changed in Moore’s work performance since he defended her in 2014. Moore’s employment law attorney argues that Taylor is trying to mask his actions involving a former employee of the department since he decided to protect the harasser instead of aiding the victim.
Moore’s termination took place immediately following the moment the town received information regarding a lawsuit for subjecting Moore to unnecessary stress during her cancer treatment for her thumb. Taylor added, “I’m seriously sorry that this came at an inopportune time in her life.” He claims the work just needs to be completed.

Currently, the State Law Enforcement Division is conducting an investigation regarding one of the Latta employees. The identity of the employee will not be revealed due to confidentiality protection. Moore’s attorney believes it’s the employee who accused the male employee of sexual harassment. In spite of all her hardships, Moore says she will continue to serve the people in Latta or Dillion County if she becomes employed there. Moore remains confident that justice will be served.

Employment Law Attorney

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