An African- American female executive of behemoth real estate company Cushman & Wakefield has filed suit claiming race and gender discrimination. In the suit, Plaintiff Nicole Urquhart- Bradley, alleges that she was used as merely a “face for workplace diversity,” but often faced unequal treatment to that of her counterparts.

After working for Cushman for over a decade as an executive overseeing the Americas,  Urquhart- Bradley was terminated in January. Her complaint alleges that Cushman & Wakefield promotes an environment where women and minorities are treated significantly different than white males. Plaintiff claims she – along with other women on the company’s management team – have faced resistance from senior management when applying for upper- level management positions. This resistance has led to significant limitations of upward advancement, especially for women of color.

Plaintiff’s complaint further alleges that despite an above- average record of performance throughout her tenure with Cushman, she was unlawfully terminated in January of 2018 on the basis of her gender and race. She did receive a promotion in 2016, but her attorneys argue she did not receive the same title as her white- male predecessor. The complaint says Plaintiff was given a “lesser title” which further shows disparate treatment on the basis of her race and gender.

Attorneys for Plaintiff rightfully note that in the wake of the #MeToo Movement, the world has a heightened sensitivity to sexual harassment in the workplace, but gender bias and discrimination is still pervasive, especially in male-dominated fields. Plaintiff says in the complaint that there was a noticeable dichotomy between white males in management positions and women, especially women of color, and she was unlawfully terminated as a result of the company’s aim to give preferential treatment to white males.

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