New York City – Kenneth Lombardi, a former video producer at CBS, is suing the network giant for sexual harassment in Manhattan Federal Court. Top NYC sexual harassment attorney Derek Smith is representing Lombardi in this disturbing case.

According to court record, Albert “Chip” Colley, who directs the popular and award-winning “CBS Evening News w/ Scott Pelley” broadcast, invited Lombardi out to drinks one night to discuss Lombardi’s acting reel.
While out at a bar one evening after work, Colley allegedly turned the conversation from Lombardi’s career to X-rated topics. Lombardi claims Colley texted him links to different porn sites and asked questions about his sexual history.
A few months prior, another colleague, Duane Tollison, allegedly approached Lombardi at a CBS holiday party and physically assaulted him. Lombardi claims he was forced to quit in November 2014 because the harassment and abuse was so intolerable. Even when he tried to report the harassment to his Human Resources representative, Lombardi says he was met with resistance and retaliation.
CBS News entertainment manager Paula Cohen is also mentioned in the suit. According to court documents, Cohen yelled at Lombardi after he filed an HR complaint, screaming, “You know you really p—-ed me off!”
“While CBS takes all allegations of workplace misconduct seriously, we believe Mr. Lombardi’s claims are without merit and we intend to vigorously defend this lawsuit,” a network spokeswoman said.
“I have symptoms of PTSD from this,” said Kenneth Lombardi, to The New York Post on Thursday, comparing CBS to “the Catholic Church or Penn State” for allegedly sweeping his complaints under a carpet.
New York sexual harassment lawyer Derek Smith said the case shows sexual harassment is not just something men inflict on women. “This type of conduct is especially egregious when it happens at a company as reputable as CBS,” he said.

Sexual harassment in New York City’s entertainment industry

The Derek Smith Law Group applauds Kenneth for standing up for himself. Many victims are afraid to speak out, particularly individuals who work at large, powerful companies such as CBS. New York City is a hub of big business and big entertainment – just because you want to get ahead in your entertainment career doesn’t mean you need to accept illegal and unethical behavior.
Some powerful people in the industry may try to bully or mistreat you, knowing that you are ambitious, but our sexual harassment lawyers in NYC want you to know that we are advocates for victims of harassment and discrimination. You deserve to be treated with respect in the workplace, no matter what industry you work in. Our lawyers are your advocates when you feel there is nowhere to turn.
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