Think sexual harassment at work only happens to women? Think again. Men are often victims, too. Although men at work are far less likely to report gender discrimination in the workplace, it happens — and it can be devastating. Hard-working guys have just as much right to a comfortable workplace and opportunities for advancement as anyone else.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, sexual harassment filings by men have consistently increased and doubled over the last 15 years. Whether it is men bullying other men or female supervisors threatening men who work for them, it’s against the law. Yet it is sometimes difficult for men to step up with a charge of sex/gender discrimination for a number of reasons:

  • Gender stereotypes don’t allow the possibility that a female supervisor is discriminating against a male employee who is not interested in her sexually.
  • The “macho” perception that men are strong and should be able to tough it out no matter what.
  • Alpha male bosses on a power trip sometimes prey on other men to embarrass and intimidate them just because they think they can.
  • The potential cost of trying to advance your career based on a perceived stigma that can follow you if you make a claim.

If you are a man being sexually harassed at work, don’t write it off as the price you have to pay to keep your job. You have rights too under New York City employment laws. It’s worth a call to the New York City sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group. Our New York City and Philadelphia sexual harassment and employment law attorneys are experienced with employment discrimination and sexual harassment laws in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Miami. They’ll look at your case with fresh eyes and help you chart a path to success. Call today to schedule a free consultation with one of our sexual harassment or employment discrimination attorneys. We charge no fee unless we recover for you.