The NYC sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group have learned that Lisa Vanderpump, of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Lisa Vanderpump is in more hot water after a new wave of sexual harassment allegations at her restaurant Villa Blanca.

Reality Tea reports that former pastry chef Martha Diaz has filed a lawsuit against Villa Blanca and Vanderpump. Diaz alleges she endured sexual harassment by Gustovo Molina, her direct supervisor, and two other members of the kitchen staff.

Diaz claims the three men, “touched her vagina, called her a fat, ugly whore, showed her porn on his phone and left pornographic pictures in her locker.” According to the lawsuit, Diaz also claims that Vanderpump failed to help her after she reported the harassment.

Prior to Diaz’s lawsuit, another former Villa Blanca employee, Karina Bustillos, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Vanderpump and her restaurant. Bustillos also alleged Vanderpump did not respond to her complaints of sexual harassment – and was awarded $100,000 from her legal claim.