After you have endured sexual harassment at your NYC workplace, you may feel like your self-esteem has taken a hit, your career is ruined, and your life is overwhelming. At the Derek Smith Law Group, we understand the emotional and financial fallout from a sexual harassment case can be difficult. Our attorneys hope to point you in the right direction to help you cope during and after your NYC sexual harassment case.

Dealing with the psychological impact of sexual harassment

If you are feeling embarrassed, confused, and violated after being harassed at work, you are not alone. Thousands of new charges of sexual harassment are filed each year with the court system and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If you are feeling emotionally scarred after your instance of sexual harassment, there are various outlets you can turn to for help. You can call a sexual assault hotline, reach out to a therapist or psychologist, or join a sexual abuse support group. There are various online support groups, such as the Sexual Harassment Support Groups website.

There may have been other sexual harassment victims in your workplace that you may be able to lean on for support. Don’t be afraid to discuss your feelings with your friends, family, and support system.

Rebuilding your career after a sexual harassment case

Tragically, you might have lost or quit your job due to reporting sexual harassment. While our NYC sexual harassment lawyers know it is illegal to retaliate against an employee for reporting harassment that is not always the reality. Your employer may have made your working conditions so unbearable you were forced to quit – a legal concept known as “constructive discharge.”

If you need to seek new employment after your sexual harassment case, seek help from recruiters, career counseling services, friends, family, and your professional network. You may be feeling emotionally scarred from your previous employment experience but do not let a bad situation prevent you from moving forward.

Before you accept employment at a new company, prescreen the corporation and its employees. Do your homework and ensure there have been no previous issues with sexual harassment. Observe the culture to make sure harassment is not tolerated. If possible, talk to current employees about their experience working at the company.

Making sure your rights are protected with a sexual harassment lawyer in NYC

Do not attempt to take on a sexual harassment charge alone. An attorney understands New York and federal laws surrounding harassment and discrimination and knows how to best proceed with your case. Only a lawyer can offer you the legal support you need and deserve.

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