Manhattan, NY – Kesha Rose Sebert, better known as the pop singer Kesha, who in past years has put out pop hits such as Tik Tok, We R Who We R and Blow, sat inside a Manhattan Supreme Court room with tears streaming down her face as Judge Barbara Scheper rendered her decision denying her release from her Sony records contract.

Outside the courtroom, you could hear Kesha’s fans base loudly chanting in favor of her “Free Kesha now” “Free Kesha now.” However, the judge was not at all moved by Kesha’s celebrity background, singing capabilities or the hundreds of people who supported her outside the courtroom doors. The decision was made to deny her the requested exit from the contract she signed with Sony Records. The judge’s decision to disallow the contract release was a hard blow for Kesha; since this contract put her in touch with a man she claims to be afraid of. The man is known as Dr. Luke.
Dr. Luke aka Lukasz Gottwald is the “super-producer” Kesha has accused of drugging and raping her just prior to her 18th birthday. While Dr. Luke was never criminally charged for Kesha’s claims, she revealed she was abused both mentally and psychologically; and as a result, it forced her into rehab.
According to Kesha’s attorney, Sony agreed to have another producer represent her but Kesha declined the offer. Still looking to break free of the contract, she felt as though the record label would not promote her music under a different producer stating Sony had more of a financial stake invested in producer Dr. Luke as opposed to her.
Kesha told instances of when Dr. Luke had given her the date rape drug, disguising them as what he called sober pills. She says she woke up in his bed the following afternoon feeling sick, sore and not remembering what happened.
The defendant and his attorney maintained that Kesha’s stories were fabricated as part of a “blatant act of extortion.”
The Judge gave her verdict indicating that there was not enough concrete evidence to substantiate the argument on behalf of the plaintiff. She also felt as though granting the request to nullify the recording contract would undercut the laws set in place to govern legally binding agreements and she just couldn’t do that.
The 28-year-old singer still has six more albums to record under the current contract she has with Sony.

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