Bill Clinton’s Sexual Harassment and Assault History Rise Again

Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate 2016, has dedicated a sector of the Clinton campaign to several different challenges the United States is battling such as attaining gender equality and alleviating victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault. The message to individuals who survived sexual assault stating sexual assault victims “have the right to be believed,” was removed due to the negativity the messaged stirred up regarding Bill Clinton’s past of sexual assault.

Although decades have passed since former U.S. president, Bill Clinton, faced sexual assault allegations, his actions still have an effect on victims of sexual assault. The Clinton campaign displayed the message to survivors of sexual assault on their webpage. The purpose of the sexual assault message was to encourage the survivors to speak up and inform someone about his or her experience. The Hillary campaign told survivors “You have a right to be believed and we’re with you.”

According to a reputable New York source, the message for sexual assault had been removed because it appears the Clinton campaign sparked some history the Clintons would prefer individuals to leave in the past. Prior to the message being deleted from the Clinton campaign, Bill Clinton’s sexual assault episode with Juanita Broaddrick resurfaced.

Broaddrick is a former volunteer for Bill Clinton’s campaign and a victim of sexual assault who alleged Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. At the present time, Bill Clinton was still the attorney general in Arkansas. Broaddrick is nearly four years older than Bill Clinton. Both individuals were in their early thirties when the sexual assault occurred. Reports allege the sexual assault took place in a hotel room Broaddrick reserved in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was accused of “inviting himself” to Broaddrick’s room as opposed to meeting her in a public area due to the presence of reporters.

After Bill arrived to Broaddrick’s room, Broaddrick said he allegedly attempted to coerce a kiss. Instead, he managed to “bite her lip.” Broaddrick rejected his unethical behavior, but the future president ignored her, and proceeded to engage in criminal sexual conduct. After the incident took place, Broaddrick alleged that Clinton pretended everything was normal. Broaddrick reported, “There was no remorse.”

As Hillary Clinton continued to promote her campaign via social media, she would often release tweets to support her campaign. In September, one tweet acknowledged that sexual assault survivors reserved “the right to be believed.” Two months later, Hillary continued to promote the message. The campaign message was doing well until December.

At the close of the year, Hillary received a question regarding her husband’s wrongdoings in the past. An unidentified woman inquired if Hillary genuinely believed “the women who had accused her husband of sexual harassment and assault deserved to be believe also.” Hillary’s response agreed that even victims of her husband’s alleged actions deserve to be believed. According to Hillary, the only time an individual should not be believed is in presence of evidence that proves him or her wrong. A few weeks later the supportive message for victims of sexual assault was removed without an alternate reason.

Some individuals may question Hillary’s motive behind promoting belief in sexual assault. Individuals find it hard to believe that Hillary was completely innocent throughout her husband’s misconduct. Some people, including Broaddrick, allege Hillary engaged in covering her husband’s abuse to women. Although there may be some truth to these allegations, there’s no way to confirm the allegations that occurred decades ago. Sexual harassment and assault has been wrong and is still wrong present day.

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