In a concerning turn of events, the head of Goodhue County Veterans Services faces sexual harassment allegations for the third time in a matter of months.
Lyman “Robbie” Robinson left Washington County’s Veterans Service office amid sexual harassment allegations. Unaware of these accusations, Goodhue County brought Robinson on as head of their Veterans Services Office three months ago. Within months, Robinson found himself in hot water again when 14 year veteran employee Heidi Kraus filed sexual harassment charges.
Heidi Kraus claims that Robinson stared at her breasts for almost 15 seconds while she explained her role in the office. This is the same accusation that forced Robinson to abandon his job with Washington County months before. Robinson was issued a verbal warning about his behavior at Washington County. The behavior continued and he was finally issued a written reprimand for sexual harassment. Eventually he left and was voted in to his position with Goodhue County.
Rob Allen, Goodhue Country board chairman, claims he was unaware of these previous accusations and would have liked voted differently with that knowledge. He goes on to express his support for Kraus by saying that “she has always been a good friend and has helped many veterans, including myself.” Beyond that, Allen cannot comment on the current situation.
Kraus had worked for Goodhue County’s Veterans Services office for 14 years before this incident “turned her life upside down” and rendered her unable to continue working.
Both Kraus and Robinson declined to officially comment on the harassment charges. Kraus is working with a New York City sexual harassment attorney to seek retribution.
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