Brad Patterson’s Alleged Sexual Harassment came at the Expense of his Job at Mason

Mason County – General Manager, Brad Patterson, was accused of sexually harassing a female co-worker on several occasions throughout his employment at Mason Transit. As a result of settling this matter outside of court, Brad Patterson resigned from Mason Transit.

According to the annual review in December, Brad Patterson, who served as General Manager at Mason Transit since 2011, demonstrated what it means to be a diligent employee in the workplace by exceeding the expectations of The Mason Transit Authority Board. One of his greatest accomplishments at Mason Transit was supervising and carrying out the construction project for a transit community center located in downtown Shelton, Washington. Approximately three months after his review, he was place on paid administrative leave for his alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.

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The first incident occurred briefly after Brad Patterson started working for Mason Transit. He extended a concert invitation to a female co-worker. Surprisingly, his co-worker experienced some discomfort from his invitation request. She took the preventative measure to have the incident investigated. Results indicated that Brad Patterson’s actions were not labeled under sexual harassment. However, his invitation was “inappropriate” for the workplace as the General Manager. After the first incident, the agency provided a consultant to operate training for employees to comprehend sexual harassment. The agency also felt the need to offer Brad Patterson assistance with his “management skills and style,” so he can make the necessary improvements in his work relationships.

Later, it was discovered that the same woman, who previously claimed Brad Patterson brought her some discomfort, expressed that Brad Patterson voiced his opinion on her appearance by stating that she “looked fine, real fine.” The woman displayed her discomfort from this statement as well. The report, Finding Regarding Allegations of Sexual Harassment, indicates that the consultant worked hard to get Brad Patterson to understand the serious issue regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. The consultant also spent a descent amount of time working on Brad Patterson’s “inappropriate casual relationship” with his management team as well the woman directly affected by his previous actions.

Brad Patterson’s actions continued, despite the training and counseling he received prior to his next incident. Brad Patterson has been thoroughly informed about sexual harassment in the workplace, and he still proceeded with his alleged sexual harassment occurrence. Brad Patterson attended the Chamber of Commerce gala on January 15, where he saw the same female co-worker neatly dressed. He approached her, and allegedly informed her that “she looked good and that her breast looked unusually large in the dress she was wearing.” A report to Human Resources of Brad Patterson’s comments immediately followed after the words left his mouth.

The Mason Transit Board unites to address the Sexual Harassment Allegation in the Workplace.

On February 2nd, the Mason Transit board held a meeting to discuss the allegations against Brad Patterson, and the potential solutions available. The discussion placed Brad Patterson on paid administrative leave. During his paid administrative leave, the board encouraged Brad Patterson to resign from his General Manager position, as oppose to experiencing the termination process. On February 18th, Brad Patterson resigned from the company. His last day working for Max Transit took place on February 29th. In addition to departing from Mason Transit, Brad Patterson received a “severance fee” of $25,000 that should support him until he finds a new career.

After his resignation, Brad Patterson released the following statement:
I am thankful for the opportunity I have had these past four years to serve the people of Mason County with the best rural public transit system in the nation – Mason Transit Authority. MTA has a lot of very good people that I have enjoyed working with and, together, we have made the agency even better than it already was when I started. I’m very proud of being a part of building the nation’s first Transit Community Center, bringing in more public transit grant money than any other small system in the state, significantly improving MTA’s safety record, initiating and growing our community outreach, ensuring its fiscal sustainability, and laying the foundation for its first strategic plan. I wish the employees, board and advisory board members of MTA the very best, and I thank the riders for making MTA their first choice for mobility.

Sexual Harassment is acknowledged and noticed by the Mason Transit Board.

The Mason Transit Authority Board confirmed that they take sexual harassment “seriously” in the workplace. The Board does not tolerate or accept any allegation of “harassment or discrimination.” The Board investigates each case regardless of the employee’s job position. After the investigation was complete, results showed that there was no evidence proving the allegations to be true. However, The Board treats their employees equally in terms of providing support and a solution, if possible, for any individual violated by inappropriate advances.
The Board came to the conclusion that under the circumstances, it was in the best interest of Mason Transit to offer Brad Patterson the opportunity to resign instead of termination. Danette Brannin, finance manager at Mason Transit, is currently operating as the General Manager at Mason Transit until further notice. Presently, Mason Transit continues to move forward as they uphold the value of their employees, monitor their performance, and keep a close eye on behavior in the workplace. Mason Transit represents a responsible company that will not, under any circumstance, condone sexual harassment.

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