Keystone Clearwater Solutions Employer face Overtime & Wage Violation Lawsuit

Pennsylvania – Scott Collier, former Keystone Clearwater Solutions employee, filed a lawsuit against his previous employer for consistent overtime wage and hour violations. Collier claims he worked more than 40 hours a week. The plaintiff said his employer failed to provide compensation for overtime hours.

At the beginning of the month, Collier made a complaint regarding the workplace violation in the U.S. District Court for cases located in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Changes in the workplace have not taken place, which led Collier to request a trial by jury.

Employees who work more that 40 hours per week on hourly pay are entitle to receive overtime pay, which includes time and one half. People deserve to be paid for every hour they work, and in the event that an employer decides against abiding by the state and federal laws, you should immediately seek an overtime wage and hour violations attorney.
Currently, Collier is seeking back pay, a severance package, litigation expenses, court relief, and liquidation damages. The former employee, has not been accused of any workplace misconduct, so one can hope the jury rules in favor of doing what’s right.

Sexual Harassment & Overtime Hour and Wage Violations

Sexual harassment is a common issue within the workplace. Perpetrators, who play a major role in a victim’s career, tend to keep their victims quiet by convincing them that they won’t survive professionally and financially alone. Individuals who are unaware of the state and federal laws that protect them from sexual harassment, find themselves trapped in an illusion with no escape to seek justice in the workplace.

Perpetrators are often co-workers, employers, or non-employees affiliated with the company. Often, they possess a major or minor work relationship with their victim prior to attacking them. The work relationship Collier and the defendant shared was employee to employer. If reports indicate sexual harassment occurred in addition to the overtime wage and hour violations, the workplace misconduct would bring some logic to the employer’s reason for declining to pay Collier for his overtime. People in managerial positions attempt to abuse their employees if the believe they can get away with it.
Fortunately, Collier was able to escape the workplace crisis that hinders employees from reporting work related issues due to the fear of losing wages, facing termination, or experiencing workplace retaliation as a result of reporting sexual harassment or overtime wage and hour violations.

Philadelphia Employment Law Attorney

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