Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel made headlines this past week when an absurd sex harassment lawsuit filed against him was made public. On May 16th, 2014, a Florida district court accepted a $25 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Manziel, allegedly filed by HLN contributor Samantha Schacher.

It is now confirmed by Schacher herself that the suit is “100% a hoax.” Even at the time of the filing, the court clerk said that the name on the filing could be an alias.
Johnny Manziel’s agent, Eric Burkhardt, is calling the restrainer order and lawsuit filed insanity.”Burkhardt said “[W]hat some people will do for publicity is embarrassing.”

The lawsuit claimed that Manziel has been harassing Schacher since February 14, 2013, calling her phone and sending nude photos and videos of himself. Court records said Schacher is seeking $25 in punitive damages for emotional distress. However, now that it is known the suit is a hoax, the case is likely to be thrown out.
Some believe serial filer Jonathan Lee Riches is behind the lawsuit.

False and frivolous lawsuits and your rights

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