The Navy announced Friday that it had relieved Capt. Gregory McWherter, a two-time commander of the Blue Angels, of duty for alleged misconduct. He is accused of tolerating sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.
The Blue Angels is the Navy’s acrobatic fighter squadron from which Captain McWherter has been re-assigned. A former member of the Blue Angels filed a complaint last month accusing McWherter of tolerating sexually explicit speech, open displays of pornography and jokes about sexual orientation by his subordinates. A general pattern of hazing was said to be encouraged by the Captain.
All branches of the U.S. military have been the center of bad press and sex scandals over the past few years. A number of sexual assault cover-ups and leniency amongst higher-ups in the military has garnered a lot of negative attention from the media.
The Navy released a statement from Vice Adm. David H. Buss, the commander of Naval Air Forces, who said, “We remain fully committed to accountability, transparency, and protecting the integrity of ongoing investigations.”
Have you been subjected to a hostile work environment?
Protocol for handling sexual harassment claims differs for civilians versus those in the military, but the general standards are the same. To constitute a hostile work environment, the conditions you endured created an offensive and intimidating atmosphere. Sexual harassment often results in a hostile work environment, but what is offensive to one person might be completely acceptable to another.
If you’ve been harassed, tormented, bullied or abused in the workplace, you may be able to collect compensation. In any event, you should stand up to your harasser and let them know the behavior is unacceptable. Speak with an New York City Sexual Harassment Attorney, Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Attorney or Newark Sexual Harassment Attorney who can evaluate your case and determine whether pursuing legal action is appropriate.
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