Gretchen Carlson’s Case ends Sexual Harassment at Fox

NY/NJ – Over the summer former Fox News Host, Gretchen Carlson, filed a sexual harassment lawsuit for the sexual harassment she endured by former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. As a result of the sexual harassment lawsuit, the parent company, 21st Century Fox will pay $20 million to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit.

In addition to paying monetary damages, the Fox Network publicly apologized to Carlson for the entire sexual harassment experience she was subjected to at Fox News. Since Carlson departed from the Fox News Network, a great deal of individuals left the company under similar circumstances in addition to other unspecified reasons. Nonetheless, the Fox Network has been experiencing a lot of changes with their staff since the sexual harassment allegations were raised.

Carlson’s award is a victory for women all around the world. As a public figure, Carlson set an amazing example of the proper way victims of sexual harassment should handle their hardships. It will not always be easy, but it is worth the time and effort to speak up about workplace misconduct and inform a sexual harassment lawyer that will defend your employee rights against sexual harassment.

Fox Network experienced the Loss of Another Host

Recent news in the media revealed that another Fox Host, Greta Van Susteren, left the network. Although Van Susteren left the network on short notice, she claims her contract failed to suit her preference. Van Susteren is the Fox Host who appeared on weeknights on Fox at 7 pm. Due to her absence and the absence of all the other former key employees at Fox, individuals are contemplating what the future has in store for a popular broadcasting television network.

There are some major employees who remain employed at Fox including Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly. The Fox Network can professionally rely on them to help restore the culture of the workplace. However, those individuals may consider resigning or retiring as well. Kelly’s contract will be ending soon, and she’s allegedly leaving the network due to the amount of negative publicity she received from Donald Trump and other individuals who humiliated her for reporting Ailes’ misconduct at work. O’Reilly is allegedly considering an early retirement. According to O’Reilly’s contract, there is a clause that permits him to leave the network prior to his expected retirement date.

The Fox Network has been placed in a vulnerable state after the scandal of sexual harassment took place. According to the author of “Fox New and American Politics,” “It would be malpractice” if the Fox Network loses their prime employees. The network is working to rebuild the status they’re accustomed to displaying to the public. In addition to losing key employees at Fox, the Network has to prepare for the upcoming presidential election. Although Ailes was the individual who carried Fox through tough times, the current leaders are preparing to have a successful year without Ailes.

The sexual harassment settlement with Carlson revealed that Fox is ready to move past the sexual harassment in the workplace. They identified that Carlson’s sexual harassment claims were valid, and the network continues to express their remorse for subjecting Carlson as well as several other unidentified former employees who received a sexual harassment settlement to sexual harassment. Fox wants the world to know that they have eliminated all the perpetrators from the workplace, and they’re ready to restore a healthy culture that’s free from sexual harassment in the workplace.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer

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