Ex-Ensco Offshore Worker fired after Sexual Harassment

A Female Employee allege Sexual Harassment in a Male Dominated Workplace

Texas ­ – Tiffani Mayes, former radio operator, claims she was sexually harassed while she worked for Ensco Offshore Co. Although Mayes allegedly was not the only female employee to endure workplace sexual harassment, she was one of the women who reported the workplace misconduct. Mayes asserted that after she complained about the sexual harassment, it was only a matter of time before she was terminated from her position along with the other women who made sexual harassment complaints.
On April 6, Mayes filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in Houston federal court, in order to seek justice for the unwanted predicament Ensco Offshore Co. has placed her in. The sexual harassment lawsuit highlights that the Mayes sexual harassment experience took place “on an offshore rig in a male-dominated work environment.”
While Mayes was working on a rig in Asia called DS-9, she claims that she was approached with inappropriate comments regarding sex. Mayes alleged that a male employee fabricated rumors about “having sex” with her to others via text. Mayes also alleged that a different male employee told her that a woman earns her income “either on her back or with her brain.” She defined the entire sexual harassment nightmare as miserable.
The discomfort in the work environment led Mayes to make a sexual harassment complaint. The sexual harassment lawsuit says Ensco did not investigate the work related issue or make adjustments to create healthier work conditions for Mayes. Instead, Mayes experienced a form of retaliation.

A Sexual Harassment Complaint led to Termination

After Mayes reported the sexual harassment, her employer terminated her job. Mayes discovered that the other radio operator who rotates shifts with her had been terminated as well. According to Mayes, men with similar jobs remained employed while the women were dismissed which eliminates the possibility that the radio operator position was eliminated from the company.
Mayes claims Ensco Offshore Co. treated her differently ever since she made a sexual harassment complaint. Currently, she is requesting a trial by jury and “unspecified monetary damages” with the assistance of a sexual harassment attorney.
It is the duty of all leaders in every work environment to ensure the safety of their employees, supervisors, and every other individual involved in their business. Mayes was a female employee who experienced sexual harassment. Unlike most victims who would ignore the unwanted physical contact or sexual harassment by a co-worker or supervisor, she spoke up. It’s beyond unfair that she has to be unemployed and suffer from wage loss as a result of the unwelcome sexual harassment. Seeking legal assistance puts individuals like Mayes in a better position to fight for justice and restore a healthy professional life.

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