Derek Smith Law Group Seeks Justice Against Bravo for Sexual Assault Claims on the Real Housewives.

Drama Beyond Reality TV? Lawsuit Exposes Dark Side of "The Real Housewives" with Sexual Assault Claims

A lawsuit filed in the New York State Supreme Court on January 25, 2024, by the Derek Smith Law Group on behalf of Caroline Manzo, alleges Bravo Media, Forest Productions, Warner Bros. Entertainment, NBCUniversal Media, Shed Media and Peacock created an unsafe working environment for the talent involved in the Real Housewives franchise, leading to sexual assault on set. The lawsuit alleges that Brandi Glanville committed acts of sexual assault against Ms. Manzo while producers looked on and even created an environment to foster such acts.

According to the lawsuit, Ms. Glanville “groped, grabbed, and forcibly fondled” Ms. Manzo’s breasts and vagina. Ms. Manzo claims that producers heard these actions as they listened to the events in audio recordings, yet they did nothing to stop the acts. Ms. Manzo further alleges that she shared the details of the incident with producers the next morning to no avail. Furthermore, the suit alleges that producers of the Real Housewives franchise knew that Ms. Glanville had a history of sexual assault and deviant behavior that could have put others on the show at risk of assault. However, it is alleged that they continued to hire her to participate in the franchise because she had a following and that boosted ratings. The producers even provided excessive alcohol and encouraged the talent to get drunk while filming to foster an unsafe environment, the lawsuit alleges.

What Is This Case About?

Derek T. Smith, attorney for Ms. Manzo, has helped many employees hold their employers accountable for sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. Ms. Manzo, as an employee of Bravo Media, had every right to expect her employer to provide a safe working environment. However, they not only denied such an environment; they allegedly encouraged the opposite for ratings.

Attorney Smith states, “We believe this case is about the network’s selfishly sacrificing the wellbeing of their talent for ratings and profit. Brandi Glanville stated she was simply doing what the producers told her to do. Reality TV is leading to severe emotional and physical harm of its talent. This must stop.”

Employers’ Responsibility Regarding Sexual Assault at Work

Under New York law, employers must ensure employees work in an environment free from sexual harassment and sexual assault. They must foster a safe working environment at all times and put the safety of their employees above all else. Furthermore, if an employer has reason to suspect sexual harassment or sexual assault is occurring, they must do everything in their power to remedy the situation immediately. According to this lawsuit and Ms. Manzo, her employer, Bravo Media, and its affiliates did nothing to stop the sexual assault or to prevent it from happening again. Moreover, they violated Ms. Manzo’s rights as an employee by fostering an unsafe work environment and bringing Ms. Glanville back to work even after she had been accused of such acts in the past.

Have You Experienced Any of the Following At Work or in a Public Setting?

  • Unwanted sexual advances, touching, or comments
  • Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment or discrimination
  • A hostile work environment based on sex, race, age, religion, or other protected characteristics
  • Physical or sexual assault on the job or in a public place

If so, you don’t have to face this alone.

The Derek Smith Law Group understands the trauma and pain associated with these experiences. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, holding perpetrators accountable, and securing the compensation you deserve.

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