Guest on the Late late show, Piers Morgan got quite the surprise when a fellow guest, actress, Mayim Bialik decided to reveal her cleavage to him on the show.

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It all started when the host, James Corden asked Morgan about the incident concerning Susan Sarandon and #CleavageGate.  The incident Corden was speaking of involved Susan Sarandon who showed up at the SAG awards to present the “In Memoriam” montage while dressed in a white suit that visibly revealed a black bra underneath.  Morgan criticized the actress for wearing what he said was “horribly inappropriate” clothing during such a melancholy segment.  His comments caused a host of disparagers to accuse him of being sexist and tweeting pictures of their own bosoms.

Morgan addressed Corden’s question by explaining what happened in detail:

“You may remember the SAG awards about a week ago.  Ms. Sarandon presented the In Memoriam section… Let me clarify, I have absolutely no problem with what she wore –it’s fabulous. She looks amazing.  I have no problem with the fact she is 69.  I don’t care how old she is.  I have a slight problem watching it. She was presenting what is normally a very solemn, very respectful tribute to people who have died in the previous year and I thought you know what? Actually a little bit tacky…I thought so I tweeted this. And all Hell breaks loose.  Susan Sarandon…I thought quite amusingly. She then tweets me a picture of herself in a bra pointing at a guy that is not the most well-endowed statue you’ve ever seen…I get the gag…right? But then a very strange thing happens. The feminists of the world decide to punish me by tweeting me thousands of pictures of their own cleavage….”

That was when Bialik interrupted “You know what? I identify as a feminist,” she said. “I’m gonna do it this way.”  Bialik then stands up in the modest green dress she was wearing and takes one step over to Morgan who is already hysterically laughing.  Much to the crowd’s dismay and roars of laughter, Bialik appears to expose herself before she quietly sits back down in her seat.

It appeared to be all in good fun but not to everyone. Many were offended by Bialik’s choice of actions, taking to social media to reprimand her.  It wasn’t long before the “Big Bang Theory” star received many tweets of people pointing a finger of sexual harassment at her.

Bialek responded to her critics by tweeting:  “To the people who think I sexually harassed @piersmorgan last night on @latelateshow: I was showing him cleavage, not my vagina,” she retorted via twitter “Get a grip.”

Morgan who was overcome with laughter during the supposed “sexual harassment” incident, had this to say:  “I’ve never felt less sexually harassed @missmayim. FYI.”

Sexual harassment is when harassment occurs in a workplace, or other professional or social situation, involving someone who makes unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks. It is illegal to harass a person (an applicant or employee) because of that person’s sex. Harassment can include “sexual harassment” or unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Did Mayim Bialek sexually harass Piers Morgan?

You be the judge.

Are you or someone you know experiencing sexual harassment in your workplace?

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act protects employees from harassment in the workplace. All employers have a responsibility to keep a workplace free of hostility; one that is peaceful and allows their employees to raise concerns when and if necessary.  The employer has a moral obligation to resolve those concerns within a sufficient time span.

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