A federal lawsuit claims that a 47-year-old social worker, identified only as Jane Doe, was repeatedly raped by her boss in the locked office of a Bronx hospital.

The social worker told the New York Post that she feared for her life because her boss told her he had a gun. She didn’t call the police because her abuser was a cop. The woman was hired Bronx Lebanon Hospital and worked with AIDS patients at Highbridge.

Michael Reingold is accused of the vicious rapes. The 53-year-old retired NYPD officer was in charge of the center and was the victim’s boss. According to the victim, Reingold used his former position to make the social worker do whatever he said or be fired.

As stated in the complaint, Reingold began the abuse by hitting on her and informing co-workers that they were in a relationship. It wasn’t long before the former NYPD officer moved the social worker to a remote office.
The suit alleges that the woman felt she was imprisoned. According to the suit, it was in this office that Reingold would force himself on the plaintiff and rape her. The suit claims that the plaintiff was forced by Reingold to “have vaginal sex on at least 12 occasions.” The suit also alleges that the plaintiff was forced to have “oral sex on at least six occasions.”

When the social worker tried to put an end to the abuse, Reingold escalated with physical and verbal threats. He also told her she would lose her job.
A complaint was made to human resources director Maria Collura. Collura allegedly told the social worker “you have to go or he will hurt you.”
NYC sexual harassment lawyer Derek Smith is handling the case for the victim.

“There is no more heinous act than the allegations in this case,” Smith said. “I can only hope that with the right treatment and therapy, she will recover.”

The social worker resigned on July 8, 2013. A civil suit has been filed by Derek Smith, on behalf of the victim, against Reingold because, the alleged abuse occurred behind closed doors, making it harder to prove in a criminal court.

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