NYC Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz says she was raped by a classmate in her dorm room bed her sophomore year at the school. Now, in her final year at the University, Sulkowicz has vowed to carry her mattress around at all times until her alleged rapist is expelled from the school.
A visual-arts major, Sulkowicz is using the project as her senior thesis. She says when she reported the alleged rape to the Columbia administrators, they failed to take appropriate action and swept her complaint under the rug. In April, Sulkowicz filed a Title IX complaint with 23 other students alleging Columbia has mishandled sexual assault cases.
Were you raped at work?
Rape is prevalent in both schools and workplaces across New York City. Our NYC sexual harassment lawyers know that reporting a rape is scary, traumatizing, and incredibly difficult. We offer compassionate support during this tumultuous time.
If you were sexually assaulted at work, your case could go down a few avenues:

  • Internal investigation. Your company may perform its own internal investigation to determine the validity of the charges. If handled properly, the sexual assault will be reported to the police and the assailant will be terminated.
  • Criminal investigation. Rape is illegal. You should report the assault to the police and they will launch an investigation.
  • Civil lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit against the assailant and potentially your employer if the rape occurred at work.

Unfortunately, like Columbia University, many employers try to cover up and conceal incidents such as rape to avoid bad press. If that’s the case, you may be entitled compensation via a sexual harassment lawsuit. With the assistance of our lawyers in New York City, you can get closure on your traumatic ordeal. We are on your side. We are here to help.
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