Chef directed his managers not to hire women unless they wanted to have sex with them

California – Two lawsuits filed by two women formerly employed at Coqueta in San Francisco, Katherine Page and Asja Sever, hit the news alleging that Chef Michael Chiarello, owner of Gruppo Chiarello restaurant group, that contains “Coqueta in San Francisco and Bottega Ristorante Yountville,” engaged in sexual harassment and labor violations.
The Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment lawsuit explains the details of the sexual harassment incidents that occurred during the two former females’ employment when Chef Michael Chiarello allegedly selected an inappropriate choice of words on numerous occasions through various sexual harassing incidents in the restaurants. It also claims that a “sexually charged, hostile and abusive environment” was allegedly constructed by other individuals who were allegedly involved including Chef Dominick Maietta, executive chef at Coqueta, as well as employees on the management level.

“These allegations are unfounded and Chef Chiarello will vigorously defend himself.” said Terry Fahn a representative for Chef Chiarello.

Several Alleged Incidents Demonstrates Sexual Harassment occurs at Coqueta Restaurant

According to the lawsuit, several incidents allegedly took place at Chef Michael Chiarello Coqueta restaurant. One incident refers to the hiring procedure provided by Chef Michael Chiarello indicating that the management employees should base their job offers to potential employees off of an explicit statement “If you don’t want to fuck them, don’t hire them.”

Another incident derives from Chef Michael Chiarello’s immoral expression “snail trails.” It appeared to be a frequent habit of Chef Michal Chiarello to address or customers or employees in an unacceptable manner. One day, after Chef Michael held a conversation with two females customers, he concluded that the women were “sexually aroused” by the conversation considering they allegedly left “snail trails,” discharged liquid from their private parts, behind on the seats after they departed from the restaurant. This statement was not kept in confidence, and Chef Michael Chiarello should have made the executive decision to not share this information with one of his servers.

During September 2015, complaints revealed that Chef Michael Chiarello allegedly sexually harassed a former gay male server while he was using the restroom. Chef Michael Chiarello was accused of perpetual knocking on the bathroom door and rattling the doorknob. As the former server vacated the bathroom, Chef Michael Chiarello questioned his bathroom visit by asking him if he was “taking care of someone,” referencing inappropriate sexual activities. He later asked the former gay male server “ what was he doing in the restroom,” and asking if he was “rubbing one out?” This particular question refers to masturbation.

After that, Chef Michael Chiarello worsened the situation by including unwelcoming physical contact in his misconduct. Chef Michael Chiarello physically contacted the former gay male server a third time. This approach occurred behind the server’s rear end where Chef Michael Chiarello was able to rub the gay male server’s privates and torso as well as “pinch and squeeze” his nipples. Chef Michael explained to the former gay employee “I’m getting myself ready to go home to my boyfriend.”

In 2015, an incident occurred in November during one of Chef Michael Chiarello’s visits to his San Francisco restaurant, Coqueta, he utilized a baguette to represent the male private part “near his privates” while he openly displayed “stroking” movements on top of the baguette. One of his servers was also present during this incident. In addition, to the alleged incidents Chef Michael Chiarello participated in, his executive chef at Coqueta, Chef Dominick Maietta, was also involved the sexual harassment lawsuit for his misconduct that exasperated the hostile work environment.

After a server informed Chef Dominick Maietta that a prominent customer, “famous actress,” could not stomach dairy products, Chef Dominick Maietta response was “Oh yeah? Why don’t you go ask her if she can have Chef’s cream?” In other words, Chef Dominick Maietta was inquiring whether or not the famous actress could tolerate his discharge from his privates on her belly. Towards the end of her main course, Chef Dominick Maietta made a statement about “whipping up some chef cum ice cream for her pretty face.” This remark insinuates that Chef Dominick Maietta wanted to release the fluid from his privates on her face. Chef Dominick Maietta was allegedly accused of sexual harassment through his displeasing response to an employee regarding the similar symptoms the famous customer resembled to a lactose intolerant customer. An unidentified female manager quit her job after Chef Dominick Marietta’s made negative statements in reference to others. She acknowledged that his disrespect for women was too much to tolerate and endure.

When it comes to Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment, Temperance is absent

Chef Michael Chiarello affected his entire staff with an unsuitable statement that displayed a similarity between a Martini and tits. He expressed that “Martinis are like tits. “One is too few, three is too many.” Another similarity he addressed was between a new sandwich added to the Coqueta menu and female privates. Chef Michael Chiarello stated that the new sandwich looks like a “woman’s underparts” Chef Michael Chiarello appeared not to have self-control in the workplace. Katherine Page and Asja Sever were a part of the staff when these remarks were made, and both women did not approve of the Hostile Work Environment created by the leaders of the restaurant.

An additional Lawsuit was filed against the Celebrity Chef Michael Chiarello’s Restaurant

Aside from the alleged sexual harassment misconduct, Chef Michael allegedly failed to compensate employees with the proper wages for overtime, manage timesheets and clocks appropriately, and coerced tip based employees to share their tips with staff in the kitchen, which resulted in a “class-action suit. The defense has yet to respond considering the lawsuit is brand new, and only time will tell how these lawsuits will end.
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