Desperate for work and struggling to make ends meet for her family, Sherina Thomas overlooked some concerning red flags and accepted a receptionist position at Executive Offices in New York City. The New York City sexual harassment attorneys at Derek Smith Law Group are representing Ms. Thomas.

Thinking her daughter would work well as a model, Thomas replied to an ad looking for child models. According to the suit, when she arrived, she felt that David Shavorlian was far more interested in her than in employing her daughter. After allegedly making comments about her breasts, he offered her a receptionist position with the company. Because of financial realities, she accepted.

Despite the necessity of stable employment and rapid promotion to a managerial position, alleged relentless sexual harassment from her boss forced Sherina Thomas to leave Executive Offices in May of this year. Thomas claims that her boss, David Shavolian, forced her to accompany him to the bathroom while he urinated, fondled her breasts, made sexually aggressive comments and eventually offered her over a thousand dollars for oral sex, according to court records.

Sherina Thomas walked out of the job earlier this month and is now seeking unspecified damages. Neither Thomas nor Shavolian would comment when approached by news outlets. Thomas’s New York City sexual harassment attorney also declined to comment.

The New York City sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group urge all job seekers to pay close attention during interviews with potential employers. Any and all sexually provocative comments are immediate warning signs and can be grounds for a sexual harassment complaint. Contact an attorney if you believe an interviewer crosses the line.
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