Dallas Texas – When recruit Rebecca Knutson started at the Dallas Police Department Academy, she didn’t sign up for sexual harassment. But, according to her complaint, she was subjected to inappropriate text messages, photographs, and a series of unwanted sexual advances. She also claims she faced retaliation when she complained.

Knutson also alleged her complaints were not taken seriously by the department. Knutson’s attorney is calling for a deeper investigation into the complaints.

“She was very uncomfortable, she was embarrassed she asked him to stop and he did not stop,” says Bob Gorsky, Knutson’s Attorney.
Police Chief David Brown issued a statement saying the academy staff conducted a review and “determined the behavior inappropriate, and counseled the involved recruits.” The chief also acknowledged that the accused recruit is the son of a current officer.

In a report issued by the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP), sexual misconduct is the second most common type of misconduct committed by police officers. Tragically, female police officers still face sexism, harassment, and assault by their male counterparts. On most police forces, women make up only a small percentage of the staff.

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