To help end sexual harassment and sexual assault, athletes at the Air Force Academy have banded together to create a video in support of the cause. 12 athletes appear in the video, including fullback Broam Hart. The New York City sexual harassment attorneys at the Derek Smith Law Group are in full support of the project and hope it makes a difference in the fight to end sexual harassment and assault.

“It’s definitely a problem everywhere,” Hart said in explaining why the video was done. “We all felt that we could step up and make a difference.”
Air Force athletic director Hans Mueh credits the cadets for coming up with the idea and trying to address the problem. He said, “[Sexual harassment is] an ugly problem and the most unreported crime in the country. My hat’s off to the total initiative by our cadets.”

Mueh also said the athletes were obvious choices to appear in the video due to their natural leadership abilities and their standing at NCAA level players. The video urges viewers to pledge to battle the problem.
The video has been distributed throughout the academy. It is set to be shown at the Pentagon and the Board of Visitors in Washington
According to their website, The Academy works year-round to combat sexual assault, equipping cadets and personnel with training through the 4-year cadet developmental plan and intervention training.

Preventing sexual harassment and assault at your job

Regardless if you are employed in the military, on Wall Street, or at a restaurant, everyone deserves work in a harassment-free environment. Preventing harassment at your job means acting respectively to your colleagues and subordinates. Watch what you say, how you act, and what you write. You should also report any inappropriate behavior you witness. Victims of sexual harassment are encouraged to pursue legal action against their employers in the interest of justice.

A New York City attorney can assist you if you have been sexually harassed at work.

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