After continually reading about the recent sexual harassment cases regarding two female NYPD officers who received large settlements against an NYPD lieutenant, many of our readers have wondered “What is the largest sexual harassment case verdict in history?

The answer:  $168 million dollars awarded to physician’s assistant Ani Chopourian back in 2012, who claimed doctors at Mercy General Hospital had sexually harassed her for two years.

Watching a video of the emotional Chopourian being interviewed was sobering.  Her eyes, red from the sobbing she tried to contain while she spoke. Through her tears, she explained her desire to help patients and go to work because she loved her job. It was unfortunate, however; how she was forced into a hostile work environment that caused her severe mental anguish and other elements of distress. Sexual harassment can never be warranted. The victims involved, almost always experience some form of embarrassment, anxiety or upset; perhaps they experience all three.
Chopourian spoke about the doctors and medical staff that harassed her by slapping her backside, grabbing her waist, pulling her into their laps, and constant trashy sex talk.  On one occasion, the surgeon stuck her with a needle and called her a “stupid chick” saying that she performed surgery “like a girl.”

After constant complaining to the human resources department and supervisors who did nothing, Chopourian became fed up and began to document detailed misconduct.  She then sent a certified letter to the human resources department along with the complaints.  It was at that point, she was terminated.

Ana Chopourian’s case is just one account of maltreatment and abuse that’s been endured in the workplace.  It happens more often than it is publicized. While the verdict in Ms. Choupourian’s lawsuit was ruled in her favor, her pain and suffering still came at a cost that no individual should have to pay.  “I hate to say this because I was always a very trusting person,” said a tearful Chouporian “I have a hard time trusting but I think I am a stronger person today because of what I went through.”

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual harassment, our attorneys are here to help you.  Our seasoned attorneys serve clients in New York City and throughout the state with aggressive representation on your behalf to bring proven results and there is no fee unless we recover money for you.

Knowing when to recognize signs of Workplace sexual harassment:

Throughout the course of the workday, oftentimes employees engage in personal conversations. However, when those conversations among co-workers involve degrading, demeaning, and/or discriminatory instances of a sexual nature, it becomes a form of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can also include offensive materials, such as graphic depictions and pornography of women or men; semi-nude, nude or in compromising positions. Those types of materials should not be present in a work atmosphere.

Quid pro quo” a certain type of sexual harassment is the Latin translation meaning “this for that.” This type of sexual harassment means someone (usually in a position of authority or power) intimidates the victim by demands for sexual favors, in exchange for some form of employment proposition. The employment proposition could range from a promotion or pay increase to forgoing the chances of being terminated.

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