Sexual harassment is one of those problems everyone knows exists, but not everyone wants to talk about it. Unfortunately, countless instances of sexual harassment do not get reported every year because people are afraid to speak out. They fear the consequences — or worse they don’t even know fighting back is an option.

Many reasons workers don’t speak up against sexual harassment include fear of:

  • Retaliation — you might be afraid of losing your job, being demoted, or experiencing a loss in pay.
  • Mistreatment — you could be in danger of further torment from your harasser or his/her allies
  • Embarrassment — you may be scared to reveal humiliating details, or being “outed” as a victim
  • Being the center of gossip — a risk you might take is people finding out about the harassment and talking about it around your workplace.
  • Not being believed — you might anxious about being accused of making up lies or stories.

In addition to fearing the emotional and financial consequences of reporting sexual harassment, employees might just not know their legal rights. Perhaps you were not adequately trained, are unsure of reporting policies, or your employer does not have a proper complaint system in place.

You don’t have to fight back against sexual harassment alone

Just because there are reasons to not report sexual harassment doesn’t mean you should not take charge of your emotional well-being and professional future. A seasoned NYC sexual harassment lawyer is your ultimate ally. Your attorney can fight back when no one else can. Your lawyer can ensure you are not retaliated against, and receive proper compensation for your agony and torment.

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