New York sexual harassment law isn’t necessarily all that straightforward but one thing is clear: employers are responsible for preventing harassment on the job. If an employee is sexually harassed, the employer is legally obligated to take certain steps to prevent future instances of misbehavior.

As our NYC sexual harassment lawyers know, that’s not always the case. We have handled countless cases in which employers:

  • Ignored harassment complaints
  • Gave the harasser a “slap on the wrist” instead of a real punishment
  • Retaliated against the victim
  • Laughed off the complaints
  • Claimed the victim is “too sensitive”
  • Asserted that harassment is just “part of the company culture”

So what do you do if your sexual harassment complaints are not addressed? Here are a few steps that can help ensure your rights are protected:

  • Report the incident(s) to your direct supervisor
  • Report the incident(s) to your Human Resources representative
  • Document all instances of harassment
  • Retain all evidence of harassment
  • Obtain a copy of your company’s anti-harassment policy and handbook

The most important step you can take is to contact an NYC sexual harassment attorney. Only a lawyer well versed in New York sexual harassment law can evaluate your case and inform you of all your rights.

Your lawyer advises you on if:

  • You should file a charge with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • You should file a lawsuit in state or federal court
  • You should quit your job or remain in your position
  • You are able to file criminal as well as civil charges

An NYC attorney may also give you a numerical value of how much your case may be worth, but there are no guarantees.

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