What happens when you take time off from your job to care for an ailing parent and your job decides to terminate you because of it?

That’s exactly what happened to IT employee, Rebecca Snow who was employed with Vanguard Group.  Snow was a model employee, with the company; she constantly received excellent reviews and raises throughout her 13 years of employment.  However when Snow needed to take a month of family leave to care for her dying mother in hospice and sick father, Vanguard gave her the axe.

According to the suit Snow filed, other employees who took time off consistently went through similar circumstances; from pay cuts to poor reviews and terminations, the outcome was always adverse.

What made matters seem worse was that Snow’s manager, Wanda Kirschbaum was the one who encouraged Snow to take the leave, and was also later terminated.  During the deposition, Kirschbaum explained herself, saying she felt bad since she was the one who urged Snow to take the leave.

Snow’s lawsuit, settled in November however, she agreed not to discuss it.

Her case is simply one of several lawsuits against Vanguard, the $3.4 trillion investment company, which is based in Malvern, Pa.

The many other suits against Vanguard all have stories behind them.  Each one claiming that they target older workers for termination, those who take family leave, don’t get promoted or complain about age and racial injustices in the workplace.

In an email, Arianna Sherlock, a spokeswoman for Vanguard opposed any allegations of discrimination at the company. She also said that she could not talk about any cases in particular.

“None of the claims you reference have resulted in any finding, award, or verdict against Vanguard. We value all of our crew members and promote a supportive, diverse, and inclusive workplace. We are proud of our low turnover rate and the long tenure of our crew members, both evidence of a satisfied, high-performing crew that is committed to serving our clients” Sherlock wrote.

However, Sherlock’s words have little bearing considering the many settlements paid out by the company to date–20 settlements, to be exact.


Have you or someone you know been experiencing discrimination in your place of work?

What is discrimination?

Discrimination is when a company treats an applicant or employee less then favorable due to that person’s race, skin color, ethnicity or other personal characteristic.

Furthermore, discrimination can also mean treating someone less then favorable because that individual is married to, or associated with someone of a certain color or race or because of that person’s involvement with an organization, race-based group, or typically associated with people of a certain characteristic.

Keep in mind:

Discrimination can occur even if the person who is causing the discrimination or victim is the same color or race.


Always remember:

  • Know your rights as a victim of discrimination (Feel free to contact our law firm, so that we can inform you of your rights).
  • Keep detailed records of the unlawful, discriminatory behavior you are being subjected to in the workplace.
  • Any misconduct should be reported to the Human Resource Department or the appropriate supervisor in charge (but only if you feel comfortable enough to do so).
  • Most Importantly: Call our office and consult with one of our experienced lawyers here at the Derek Smith Law Group.

Having an attorney who is competent and experienced in race, age, religion or any type of discrimination can be the driving factor in being able to bring a favorable resolution to your case.

Here at the Derek Smith Law Firm our New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia attorneys are compassionate towards you, our client, yet we are extremely tough towards your employer whose treated you unfairly.  We will fight to the fullest extent of the law. If you’ve been the victim of discrimination, there’s no need for you to continue being the victim. Stand up and take charge of the unfair circumstances surrounding your job. We strongly urge you to contact an attorney here at the Derek Smith Law Group, PLLC by calling our toll-free number 877-469-5297.

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