Valve aims to settle Transgender Discrimination Allegations

Washington – Over the years, the Valve Corporation, a video game developer and digital distribution company, has been rated as the “most desirable” company for employment, according to the International Game Developers Association. Overall, Valve carries a great image that draws employees to work for their business. In spite of maintaining a healthy workplace, Valve is now battling a transgender discrimination lawsuit.

In April 2016, the lawsuit reveals that a previous translator and employee at Valve whose name remains in confidence filed a lawsuit against Valve on the basis of “discrimination and retaliation” at work. The employee alleged that numerous discrimination and retaliation occurrences took place while she was employed.

In 2012, the employee reports that the supervisor referenced her as “it.” This disrespectful reference took place after the employee experienced her “gender reassignment surgery.” The prosecutor claims the inappropriate title also stirred up a hostile work environment.

The suit disclosed that Valve approved the employee’s transfer from her current location in Washington to California in order to accommodate her surgery. During the recovery process, Valve claims they allowed her to work from home as long as she agreed to change her work position to an independent contractor. The employee alleged that she performed the same tasks in California that she completed in Washington. However, employee benefits and compensation for overtime were absent.

The employee made a complaint to Human Resources regarding continuous routines that “utilize people who were interested in their products to provide translation services for free.” Shortly after the complaint was filed, the employee was allegedly terminated without reason. The employee has concluded that Valve terminated her with “malicious intent” in addition to the transgender discrimination and unlawful business activities.

Based on the Polygon report, the employee is seeking over $3M in damages for “general damages, special damages, and loss of earnings, and unpaid wages and penalties.” Valve refuses to take any responsibility for any of the transgender discrimination allegations. The Valve Corporation is aiming for this case and the former employee to be dismissed along with the legal expenses.

Available Legal Protection

Each corporation should have their own division of Human Resources that accepts complaints alleging misconduct and other work-related issues. Evidence indicates that a Human Resources department is present at the Valve Corporation. However, there is no evidence displaying results from a proper investigation into the allegation brought forth by the plaintiff. As an HR department, it is their duty to enforce workplace safety, defend their employee’s rights, ensure that Valve is in compliance with the law, and make every effort towards resolving workplace issues.

In the state of Washington, there are employment non-discrimination laws to protect transgender employees and other hardworking people in the LGBT community. The EEOC protects employees under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of gender, sex, race, color, religion, and national origin with 15 or more employees. In the event, that Valve is found guilty of violating the law, the popular corporation will be penalized for it. There are also state laws that protect all employees from experiencing workplace discrimination.

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